Especially for #RunPainFree Runners

Hey guys. I'm Jessica from #RunPainFree. 

I'm an athletic functional movement expert corrective, running and injury specialist, and I'm a fitness and nutrition expert.

I actually was a part of creating the insanity The Asylum with Sean T for Beachbody, and I went on to work with Leandro with fixing the master Series in Brazil Butt Lift.


Then I did the test scripts for Brazil but lips and sanity the asylum and hip hop apps I managed trained and nutrition coach to all these programs so what results you see on TV actually came from following my nutrition plan that was in a controlled setting so I was able to monitor everything including Shakeology.

The reason I'm doing this video and putting it out there is because I'm getting a lot of influx of my runners coming to me about the nutrition habits that they have and it not working for them and I don't push Shakeology forwardly and out there but it is the only shake and meal replacement it is the only health product that is not actual food that I cosign.

Those of you who do know me know that I do not speak about anything unless it is the best of the best.

I'm very meticulous about that and I encourage you to ask people that you may know that know me better to even confirm that so.

I only cosign the Shakeology because it is real food and it is real food that is cooked over a very long period of time and a very low heat so it keeps the nutrients dense.

When you cook something too long you kill the nutrients so this keeps it very nutrient and very vibrant so it acts as soon as it hits inside you and a lot of runners start to lose gas midpoint of marathon time like half half marathon like 13 miles and and beyond.

Many of them struggle with thinking it's all these other things but when they really look down and what they're eating most runners eat what they want because you guys can you were running all these miles and it comes right off.

Or you pretty much say the same you don't gain weight but you're lose weight because you're what you're eating whatever you want but you're also running 25-30 miles a week. 

Do you know what I mean?

As soon as somebody gets injured one of your runners may know and you continue to eat the way you're eating all the sudden you're putting the pounds on. That's because you didn't alternate how you were eating with your activity level and that's what I bring to all of my clients.

The nutrition clients, runners, even weight loss people,  it's always about the balance in balance out, and it's not so black and white. There are little things that you may not know or realize and that's what I did for my Beachbody test groups.

and that's what I do for my clients. 

I run my challenge groups the exact same way that I run that I ran the test groups.

I have coaches underneath me that facilitate this as an expert the dab a team of experts we come in and out and we really monitor everything and anybody on this program that follows Shakeology that I coach.

I give them the tools of grocery list of real food, an eating log template that tells you how to eat, and it works with what you're eating so it's not you saying no you can't have that.

I teach you what food does and you make a decision.

That's being educated and that's what it's about it's about.

Explaining then educating to you how the body inside works just like I claimed to my runners how the body outside works. As long as you get the whole process, then you're able to make better decisions. And being on vacation, being on a road trip running or injured won't ever matter with your weight because you'll be able to monitor it.

And it will fluctuate along with whatever it is you're dealing. I also go about even further and really give and give you examples of an actual eating day based on mileage.

So let's say it's between one and five miles this is how you would eat if it's five and 10 or 11 miles that's how you would eat if it's if it's half marathon training this is how you eat this is full marathon training this is how you eat.

And I actually give you examples of that for you to like plug in and see when you when you run when you should eat because it really doesn't matter what time you're eating as opposed to when you're eating.

And Shakeology fills in those gaps.

It's a great breakfast. it's a great snack.

It is a meal replacement, it is not a protein shake.

I have stopped all protein shakes for well over ten years at this point.

All the medical and nutrition research that came out about how much crap is actually in those things that are in all of those health food stores health food stores (I say lightly) or muscle stores...

Those things are loaded with chemicals and fillers that they do not have to list on the label because the FDA does not it doesn't regulate it.

There's a non-profit company that puts themselves on vitamins that says, oh we oh we okay it, or we don't okay it,

but that's not the FDA it's not the FDA.

There's tons of stuff that go on behind the closed doors about that but that's very important for you to know that's why Shakeology, you'll only get through someone like me.

And it won't be on a shelf because it actually goes bad. It's real food.

I've personally met the people that created and work on Shakeology and they really do put all of their focus into that making the best product they can make with as little to minimal things they need to put in it, to keep it as healthy as possible.

Since I've been on it for about seven years, along with my entire family, and majority of my clients...

Beachbody has changed the the formula about eleven times and even if it's wrong they listen to feedback and they change it immediately because they really do want to make sure that their customers are getting what they want out of it.

It's also truly a meal replacement and most of us don't get in the veggies we need.

We don't get in the fruits we need.

if we don't get in the protein we need and that's all the case of your body literally functioning inside we are machines guys.

We're machines of smooth muscle and you need to you need to realize that there's a lot of stuff inside working for you and you need to give it the tools to work.

If you don't, over time it disintegrates and it gets worse and worse and more and more elements will keep coming up.

It's important for me to support my runners who love being healthy who believe in themselves to do the best for themselves and feel the best for themselves.

I wanted to deliver a product that actually helps and goes along with the RunPainFree mindset.

That's what Shakeology does so if you're interested in me coaching you and having my team coach you we run the challenge groups the exact same way that I run or in the test groups.

We monitor what you're eating how you're eating giving you grocery lists recipes and log templates tools and a support team of experts that I've trained and worked with to make sure that everybody gets their results.

You know this is where you would want to be for that so I encourage you to message click this link below get on Shakeology and start the 10 day challenge to getting your body to processing things better and getting more energy for those runs.

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