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Updated by Daniyel Bingham on August 19, 2021
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About #RunPainFree, Inc. Here's a 60 second synopsis.

Established: 2006

Co-Founded by: Jessica Marie Rose Leggio


We help people in pain and runners with injuries Fix, Heal, And Correct their ailments through our injury recovery programs so they can enjoy their passion for distance running without having to stop running even if you have no clue where to start!


Building a community where every runner has access to the tools and resources they need to live an active, pain free life.

We empower you to place knowledge over fear.

Core values
Discipline - Consistency - Commitment - Honesty

The #RunPainFree Athlete:
Imagine running your next race event with no pain AND setting a new personal record. 

When you first started running race events, it was about accomplishing things you never thought you could accomplish. 

A 5k turned into a 10k and that burning desire transitioned into a full marathon. 

But as the mileage increased, so did the wear and tear on your body. 

Pain and ailments started magically appearing throughout your body and you even had to defer a race due to injury.

We hate that runners often rely on the runner rumor mill, generic google search results, or information from billion dollar shoe companies who create more physical problems than they solve.

We created our company, #RunPainFree, Inc., because there are athletes and runners visiting doctors, chiropractors, and physical therapist to get over an injury or ailment, yet failing to find pain relief or true healing. 

We created #RunPainFree, Inc. to help people and runners nationwide and worldwide, get to the root cause of their pain or injury.

Take action today towards enhancing your running journey and quality of life. 
About #RunPainFree, Inc.
We help people in pain and runners with injuries Fix, Heal, & Correct their ailments through injury recovery programs so they can enjoy their passion for life & distance running.

About Expert:

Jessica Marie Rose Leggio has dedicated her life to helping people, athletes, and runners heal from pain or serious injuries that limit their life, activity, or sport.
Need help running pain free or recovering from an injury?

Apply for a consultation with Jessica for one on one personalized help.


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