The #RunPainFree Pricing Overview


The #RunPainFree Program is a functional baseline to chart a runners progress. You will find improved functional movement, pain reduction, and running performance. We reduce the risk of injury that arises during marathon train and the added mileage. Identifying physical imbalances, limitations with stability, mobility or range of motion, and weaknesses. Using corrective exercises for 3 to 6 months, we will improve your movement pattern, as a runner. They will aid you in your individualized marathon strength and conditioning programs. You will reduce chronic pains in relation to your bodies asymmetries and weaknesses.


Other Payment Options

*Tag Team (2 people) upon request *

*Small group: upon request*

*4 days: upon request

*The Evangelist Referral Program*

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you accept Insurance?

Great question! No, we require self-pay for all of our programs. This allows the results of your initial assessment to decide your customized treatment plan. We spend more time on injury prevention & recovery.

What type of payment do you accept?

We only accept Debit cards and Credit cards.

DO i have to be a runner to see you?

No. I see anyone experiencing pain or discomfort from active kids to professionals, to seniors.