#RunPainFree Ambassador Announcement

June 12, 2016, Sheldon. The most severely injured runner in the #RunPainFree, class of 2016. 

Sheldon's first #RunPainFree session 6/15/16

Sheldon's first #RunPainFree session 6/15/16

How did Sheldon find #RunPainFree:

Marked, of all runners, "most severe injured runner of 2016", Sheldon came in extreme pain, with several torn hip labrum's.. but little did he know the extent of his injuries up and down his entire body, that #RunPainFree found. He went from not running at all, to starting to run just 2 months before the marathon, and finished the NYC Marathon 2016 in 5:02!  

What pain was Sheldon experiencing?

Sheldon has torn hip labrum's on both hips, he was in hip pain, back pain, limp-running and hyperextending his leg on every run.. compounding even more injuries. When we started correcting his hip, his knee dysfunction showed up. Here is a list of his injuries we started with, followed by the total injuries we found, exposed and corrected in the process: 

Sheldon's first session 6/15/16

Sheldon's first session 6/15/16

Correction: First Session
Torn hip Labrum
Left glute stability Mobility
Right hip stability 
Correction: Total found
Left leg hyper extension 
Torn hip Labrum's each side
Left glute stability Mobility
Left hammie strength and function 
Right hip stability 
Right glute stability 
When focus is hyperextending the right, the pain lessens on left 
Tspine dysfunction 
Shoulder stability 
Lats dysfunction 
Sprained ankle 
9/23/16 3 months into correction, we have PUSH OFF!

9/23/16 3 months into correction, we have PUSH OFF!

Sheldon's entire body had compromised for so much dyfunction, being athlete, that he dysfunctionally built his muscles as well. For the correction process, the ore athletic you are, the more muscle will compromise to the extent of injury. They are of the most involved corrections, to retrain that built and trained dysfunctional movement pattern. Sheldon is an Aquatic Director, Swim Coach, Ph.D student at Columbia University's Teacher College for Physical Education, English Professor, Marathoner and Tri-Athlete, to say he's an "athlete" is an understatement.  
Then Nike Free change up! 

Then Nike Free change up! 


Sheldon's pain is VISIBLE in this 1st correction run he did, his 2nd session, 6/30/16...

Sheldon, above in August starting to trust that right leg more, and below, is 3 months into correction, he opens up 9/21/16...

How did SHeldon start to share #RunPainFree with others?


Sheldon was coming to see Jessica 4-5 days per week. When someone is on the "severe" list, we needed more time to address and be aggressive. The more you correct the more injuries show up, or show brewing injuries, thats who we ACTUALLY correct, by being Bio-Mechanics Expert, the study of movement. That said, Sheldon's body adjusted very fast, literally day to day. The work Sheldon had to put in, the travel from Brooklyn (Coney Island) to the Upper East Side, Chelsea and Central Park, to get in his sessions. His will matched that of the power of the #RunPainFree Program! 

It is becuase of Sheldon's tenacity, his run club took notice. He was with one the oldest, and therefore respected, running clubs in New York City, most of whom saw him in so much pain,... only to see him running like a gazelle out of now where! Runners NATURALLY want to help each other in their running, and pains. He shared his pictures of his session's, exemplified HARD WORKD and dedication, and started a flood of people to get a #RunPainFree Consult to joint the #RunPainFree MOVEMENT! Sheldon, is now with Lean Strong Fast, another respected club here in NYC!

RunPainFree Cheer and STICK station SOBX Faby and Sheldon stop at mile 22!

For the 2016 NYC TCS Marathon, Sheldon ran and finished marathon ever, she finished in 5:02! Sheldon  

How has Sheldon's Pace Improved? 

Sheldon just completed the 5th ave mile in 6:29 9/17/17.. he has hit 616 miles to date for 2017, pushing for 384! He did the Mini Sprint Triathalon in Westchester 9/23/17 and the Bronx 10 Miler 9/24/17, he is running twice as much as everyone, and experiencing tweaks any high performing athlete is. He is CORRECTED. So that means, when he sprained his ankle on a Sunday, he sees Jessica the following Friday, and runs a 6:29 (NYC 5th ave mile) on Sunday. When he is told to rest, he does. But, the #RunPainFree's Program is getting runners to run as much as they want, and that is what we are doing for Sheldon. 

The whole purpose of #RunPainFree is to get you pain free and running however much you so choose to. So that YOU are the deciding factor of your runs, not some pain in your body. We create balanced, efficient runners. And Sheldon is an example of this!


What is SHeldon doing, currently?

Sheldon is headed for the NYC Marathon November 5th, 2017,  in his #NIKEFREE, but his race calendar is full up to then!  #RUNPAINFREE WILL BE AT THE MIAMI MARATHON WITH SHELDON!

9/18- TCS New York City Marathon Tune-Up
9/23- Westchester Sprint Triathlon
9/24- Bronx 10M
10/8- Staten Island Half
10/15- Brooklyn Greenway Half
10/14- The Brooklyn 5 Miler
10/18- Queens Half Marathon
10/22- NYC Duathlon
11/4- Dash to the Finish
11/5- NYC Marathon
11/12- Prospect Park Duathlon
1/28- Miami Half Marathon

He is a running example of what the #RunPainFree program develops and results in... and that's when a once in pain runner, running only when he/she can,... turns into a #RunPainFree runner...running whenever they want. 

Sheldon, is looked up to and respected by his peers for his desire and struggle and correction to run. He shares his struggles all of his races on his path to living his highest performance athletic quest. Sheldon, listens. He stays in contact with Jessica, does his homework and TRUSTS his body is now corrected to talk to him, to keep it on track. That is the #RunPainFree way. His friendly competititive nature keeps him and his peers pushing for more. Being in a family of runners, not only has he come to #runpainfree events, he's brought his father, brother and family friend to them! 

It is due to Sheldon's tenacity and trust in Jessica and #RunPainFree, his loyalty, dedication, understanding and desire to learn in order to exceedingly perform at his highest level, and educate on what the #runpainfrees brand is and brings, on his own accord, simply because he's proof of it, we are proud to announce Sheldon as a  #RunPainFree Ambassador!

Congratulations Sheldon, on representing our brand with commitment, motivation, dedication, and pride!

Sheldon, #RunPainFree Ambassador



#RunPainFree Ambassador Announcement

July 8, 2016, we met, Jazz, and she became a Marathoner!

Jazz's first #RunPainFree session 7/8/16

Jazz's first #RunPainFree session 7/8/16

NYC TCS Marathon 2016

NYC TCS Marathon 2016

How did Jazz find #RunPainFree:

Marked "most severe female of 2016". After pulling out of the NYC Marathon 2015, for a hip fracture and pain, she worked on healing but her pain persisted. Thankfully she had found us on FaceBook, where #runpainfree serves in many NYC running groups as an expert for injuries.  After "stalking" us, as Jazz put it (haha), she reached out for a consult. After not running all year, in 4 months times, she ran, completed and came in 1st out of the #runpainfree class of 2016 NYC Marathon runners, 4:03 time!  

What pain was Jazz experiencing?

Jazz had hip/groin pain, and SI joint (low back/butt) pain. This pain, prevented her from opening up in her run, and therefore, what I call, "under-running", looping her injury and making it worse. Using KT Tape, Braces, restrict and make this ever worse as it's just adding more restriction on the hip and knee joint, and therefore ankle and shoulder restriction. Jazz was a Track and Field athlete growing up, and then played D3 volleyball, all in this dysfunctional place. Then she was hit by a car, compounding everything. Youth, lets a lot of injuries get bypassed, only to show up in your 30's, especially having a major accident on top of it. So, as she set out to run the 2015 NYC Marathon, this hip dysfunction showed up. She sought out doctors and PT and after a year of following what they said, puling out of the race, she had done nothing but spend money, as her pain was still the same. Along this time she found #RunPainFree on Facebook in a few runners groups. After stalking us for months, she finally had her consult on July 8, 2016. From that day on she started the #RunPainFree Program, and correcting her injuries that had held her back for so many years. 

It wasn't an easy correction. More severe injuries, are more severe correction, and in a week she was emailing us, nervous, feeling things she's never felt in her body,... something we get all the time from our runners. It's all apart of the correction process. We get things moving that either have been dormant for years, or never worked in the first place. We told Jazz what we tell all our runners "Trust The Process." She put in the work, listened, did her homework, foam rolling, came to extra sessions,... the #runpainfree way. 

By August 23, 2016, 7 sessions later, Jazz opened up...


How did Jazz start to share #RunPainFree with others?

Jazz's running is what had people coming up to her asking how she was feeling. People couldn't believe how well she was running, having known her injury struggles. She shared the #RunPainFree Program every time someone asked her, just to help people realize they don't have to give up on running. Jazz now 'sticks' anyone who is in need on runs or workouts, or even away races! She has spread the #runpainfree word on her own accord, because she's proof of the brand and she know's first hand it works. Not because anyone asked her to.

For the 2016 NYC TCS Marathon, her first marathon ever, she finished in 4:03! Jazz, came in FIRST place of the #RunPainFree Class of 2016, just 4 months into her correction program, as the most injured female of the Class of 2016. She's gone on to PR thereafter, running the 5th Ave Mile Race in 5:49! 

How has Jazz's Pace Improved? 

The whole purpose of #RunPainFree is to get you pain free and running however much you so choose to. So that YOU are the deciding factor of your runs, not dictated by some pain in your body. We create balanced, efficient runners. And Jazz is an example of this!

Jazz did so well in the Marathon 2016, she took a break from running so much in December- February. This set her back a bit. 1 - when you're body is used to a certain level of activity, consistently and then it stops, the body freaks out, and "freak out" translates into restriction. She still ran in that time frame, and still pain free, but she felt the difference of training to not training, and realized that if she wants to stay running and improving, she needs to stay on top of it. If you give your body the tools it needs, it will run for you, pain free. However, if you don't give it the tools, it wont. It is that simple. She quickly turned that around in 2017, here are some stats thus far:

Fred Lebow Half 1:46 @8:09 pace, PR'd 4M at from 29:43 to 29:29 3 weeks apart, Brooklyn Half 1:54 @ 8:46 on no sleep and travel, Percy Sutton 5K 21:27 @6:58 and most recently the 5th Ave Mile .


What is Jazz doing, currently?

Jazz is headed to the 40th Chicago Marathon on October 8, 2017, followed by the NYC Marathon November 5th, 2017, for a second go at it! 

She is a running example of what the #RunPainFree program develop and results in... and that's when a once in pain runner, running only when he/she can,... turns into a #RunPainFree runner...running whenever they want. 

"Jazzy Brooklyn", is looked up to and respected by her peers. She shares her struggles in her path to living her best life. Always open to helping a fellow runner, be it pace them, push them or roll them. Creating positive competition, for herself, and putting herself first, to then be able to help those around her. Jazz has come to #runpainfree events to do just that, sharing that after she put in the work, she can then come and share her story with other injured runners... without be asked she's come to support the brand in helping more runners, stay running and with hope, being the light at the end of the tunnel! 

It is due to Jazz's loyalty, dedication, understanding and desire to learn and educate on what the #RunPainFree brand is and brings, on her own accord, simply because she's proof of it, that we are proud to announce Jazz as a  #RunPainFree Ambassador!

Congratulations Jazz, on representing our brand with commitment, motivation, dedication, and pride!

Jazz, #RunPainFree Ambassador



#RunPainFree Flagship Ambassador Announcement

In September of 2015, we received a call from, Ana.

Ana's Consult, first meeting September 22, 2015

Ana's Consult, first meeting September 22, 2015

How did Ana find #RunPainFree:

She had found us on FaceBook in an NYC runners group and was in run-stopping-pain. After she read up on #RunPainFree, Ana reached out for help. Immediately we met and she started the #RunPainFree program!

What pain was Ana experiencing?

Ana had sever sciatica pain, thats what she came to us for. BUT, as in all cases, we find TONS more injuries that resulted in the pain you wind up feeling. Correction: Sciatica, Knee Pain, Hip Dysfunction, Glute Dysfunction, Ankle Mobility, Toe Striker (makes up MOST injured runners BTW.), T-Spine immobility, Shoulder Pain, Piriformis, and IT band.

Since that day, she worked tirelessly, having sessions where ever she could get it in, from Chelsea, to her office in Harlem, to Central Park, to UES Carl Schurz Park. Whatever she needed to do to fix the pain, she was going to do. Her will, drove the results. 

How did Ana start to share #RunPainFree with others?

After 1 month in the program, she hosted a private #RunPainFree Injury events for her personal running circle, just to share with them and help her friends run better, and pain free. Ana has ran races all over this country and Puerto Rico over the past 2.5 years, getting a PR (personal record) EVERY time. 


What are some of Ana's accomplishments?

NYC TCS Marathon 2016

NYC TCS Marathon 2016

For the 2016 NYC TCS Marathon, she PR'd 1 hour and 40 mins from the 2015 NYC TCS Marathon. We, at #RunPainFree, had to make sure it wasn't a typo! Ana is a leader in her running groups and for #RunPainFree, exemplifying no short cuts, work, dedication, and commitment. If she is not running, she is out supporting a fellow runner, and stays until they cross the finish line. Even if she is on 3 hours of sleep, she keeps her word and shows up. She truly goes the extra mile for her self care, as well as that of her peers. 

How has Ana's Pace Improved? 

The whole purpose of #RunPainFree is to get you pain free and running however much you so choose to. So that YOU are the deciding factor of your runs, not some pain in your body. We create balanced, efficient runners. And Ana is an example of this!

Starting with us in 2015 she was running 16-17 MPM pace. Today, she is running 11:20 pace, and getting faster. She has shaved hours off her running, and added more enjoyable runs because she's created efficiency! Gazelle legs, and faster than runners 10+ years younger than her. She is someone we can all learn from!


May 2017

May 2017

Trifecta Finisher!

What is Ana doing currently?

Like anyone she has life throwing her curveballs, that she handles with passion and strength. Running continues to be her therapy, and we are SO happy we are able to keep her running!

She PR'd the Brooklyn Half Marathon in NYC (the largest half recorded), and she followed that up with completing the Trifecta of 3 halves in 3 different states in 3 days, Utah, Wyoming and Idaho! . She is running stronger and stronger, and she is the epitome of what the #RunPainFree program results in... and that's a once in pain runner, running only when he/she can,... to a #RunPainFree runner...running whenever they want. 

Ana's, aka Ms. Wepa, is known in running community. Her tenacity for her physical and mental health, in doing what she loves most and makes her a better person every day is exactly what #RunPainFree is about. Every post, running singlet or video, she mentions and thanks #RunPainFree, provoked solely by wanting to help others run better.  She's educated so many runners on what she has learned in correcting her own injuries, runners see her out for her to roll them with the stick, as well as comfort. If she sees someone in pain, immediately she texts us and refers them to us for help. All on her own accord and results.

Ana has added unmatched, intangible value to the #RunPainFree program and brand, that we could not be more honored to name her the first and therefore the, Flagship #RunPainFree Ambassador!

Congratulations Ana (Ms. Wepa), on representing our brand with commitment, motivation, dedication, and pride! Ana (Ms. Wepa), The #RunPainFree Flagship Ambassador


May 2017

May 2017

Running Form: Don't Believe Hype.

This is Sheldon, he was the most injured last (2016) marathon season, showing over 10 injuries as we went through the correction process, that he obtained running the way TOO many runners, not experts in movement, suggest. Which is the why so many get injured listening to it. He is completely corrected and now my fastest male runner. Because of that stride, he now has the function to utilize his entire movement pattern of a run, to actually run. That said, I can actually explain why you are 100% dysfunctional, with a smile of course ;),  and that's why you're so injured for so long.

Breaking down the mechanics of a run. 

Breaking down the mechanics of a run. 

Breaking down the mechanics of a run. 

Breaking down the mechanics of a run. 

When you don't have any hip rotation, which requires full extension and flexion, you create dysfunction in restriction of your own joints. I call this "under running" meaning, anything LESS than YOUR full range of motion, which will cause injury.. This happens, be it you are running wrong, or your mechanics are actually restricting your ability to run, both resulting in your body not functionally moving as a unit, making the joints and muscles to work against one another which leads to the greater imbalance (how the severity of the injury is determined), muscles and joints start OVER working improperly, resulting in injuries. You need BASIC HUMAN BIO-MECHANICS before any sport. Or, I don't care how good you are, you will never reach your potential, and you will stay with injuries. The mechanics MUST be present first IN ORDER to train the athlete.

So, for instance, a runner that does not have knee flexion at all (doesn't bend), is running as if they are running on stilts, jamming their hip, knee, ankle and back with every step. If you are not flexing your ankle, you are not flexing your hip. The dysfunctional movement, compounds injuries and makes the dysfunction STRONGER with every workout (speed workout is a strength workout FYI), until you correct the pattern. 

So, you have no chance at running totally pain free or to your potential, or any PR for that matter, without fixing base line mechanics.

Breakdown: Hip function, to ankle flexion, to full foot movement to completely ROLL THROUGH your foot (ESSENTIAL FOR RUNNERS), then engages the glute, which extends the hip to then fire the hip to flex (you do not get full flexion with out full extension first), the ankle extends and push off occurs, then the knee can extend .. that is gazelle movement, the full function of the entire lower body, dictated by the glutes support of the upper body and with no tissue/fascia restriction across the T-spine preventing twisting or torque. The IT Band covers the entire movement pattern, covering all major joints and muscles required to allow a run movement. If that is restricting anything, nothing will work. Its a process to getting your body functional IN ORDER To perform. And that is all #RunPainFree is about, preparing the body to perform. 

CLICK THE PHOTO BELOW FOR A SLIDE SHOW OF FUNCTIONAL STRIDES, Performed by Lead Female #RunPainFree Runner Jazz, and lead Male #RunPainFree #Runner Sheldon. 





Jessica Marie Rose Leggio, Athletic Injury Correction & Conditioning Expert, FMS


Understanding pain, takes someone who can study. Correcting pain, takes someone who has been in pain. A career derived from personal experience, ailments and pain is exactly what made Jessica who she is today. 

A dancer since the age of 3, choreographer and sub-teacher by 12, managing a dance company by 18, where she fixed her first hip in the middle of teaching a class. An ulcer at 12, sparked self nutrition study into a minor in college, resulted in nutrition, digestive nutrition and exercise nutrition specialist with her own eating system. Training throughout, along high school and college athletes, was a place that always intrigued Jessica. A life-time of pain, lead to a career in relieving pain.

Graduated Summa Cum Laude from the College of Mt. Saint Vincent, Business - Marketing and Entertainment Management, inducted into the Delta Mu Delta Nation Honor Society in Business Administration. After years in corporate America (Finance, Spirit and Education Industries), while training and doing nutrition on the side, Jessica made the decision to do what made her feel alive and purposeful... and went full time into Personal Training. 

Equinox Fitness Clubs, ignited Jessica's natural ability to understand anyone's body. This had her promoted quite fast through the levels of training, and her attention to form captured both trainers and clients alike, to this day she is known for her eye. During this time Functional Movement Systems, chose the club she was apart of for an intensive training in learning how to assess movement patterns, imbalances and asymmetries, and correct them. FMS resonated with Jessica's training style and it sky rocketed her business. Quickly she started training other trainers. And eventually, she was offered a job at the Sports Physical Therapy office inside Equinox to be their aid alongside training. 

She was living her life with purpose! An amazing career taking off, learning more every day, working out with trainers, going for runs, dancing life! FINAlLY, she had found her place! The sky had no limit! 

On December 15, 2007, Jessica was hit by a Toyota pick up truck, as a pedestrian. Her immediate injuries were; shifted collar bone, separated shoulder, fractured hip, chipped femur, lost t-spine mobility (no back or neck rotation), SI joint dysfunction (no hip movement), both sprained knees. In a second, the life Jessica had known, would never be again. Coming to terms with this was unfathomable. As if the initial blow wasn't enough, a few months later, L4, L5 and S1 all 3, "hugely bulging disks", showed up. The pain Jessica had every day was indescribable. Using medication patches, pain patches, heating pads and holding back tears to hide the pain,… was how Jessica worked everyday for a year post accident Hiding it from everyone to not put her job, what she loved, in Jeopardy. Being that she was working in PT at this time as well, she had many doctors to help her, but nothing helped. 

The most intense back pain, all day long. Sitting was the worst, so Jessica took on as much sessions as possible just to not sit. After 51 MRI's, Orthopedists and and the final Physical Therapist saying "...Jessica, I have no idea where your pain is coming from," Jessica and her training partner figured it out. Performing an FMS assessment move, immediately showed them exactly where Jessica's intense back pain was coming from, and it wasn't her back.. it was her hip! Realizing FMS, what they had been certified in a year prior, was exactly how she would be fixed gave hope to a very dark time for her. Correction started that moment, and for 2x per day, 5 days a week, she put in the work, scared, nervous and complaining like any client would, too! And in 4 months time, Jessica had 80% of her range of motion back and no more pain

From that moment on, Jessica was known for her FMS expertise among Equinox Executives, Managers and peers. Hosting and a guest at FMS events in several Equinox clubs across New York City. Trainers would learn off of her injuries, because her innate understanding of her own body coupled with being injured, gave valuable feedback to the training staff on the results of any movement performed.  

Jessica, having been a top producer for Equinox pre accident, post accident became #1 trainer for Equinox Wall St for the duration of employment, Top 3 in NYC and ranked #26 in the country. She became and still is, known as the "trainer to the trainers", mentoring as many trainers as possible to educate them in FMS, pain, injuries, athletic conditioning and proper training.  Her extensive education in books, continued education certifications, and actual real life case studies of hundreds of people, gives immeasurable value to her craft and those around her. 

The accident cost Jessica her apartment, car and dancing career, but as she states, "It made me a better expert." She's been able to get hundreds of people out of pain, but going through her own. And it was because of this, that she nurtured this knowledge and shared it! Around the same time is when Beachbody's own Shaun T, was training with Jessica's Training partner, Daniyel, and asked them to be his training team for his upcoming workout, Insanity the Asylum. 

Together, the three programmed Insanity the Asylum, from soup to nuts, it's the only athletic training focused workout on the market. After shooting, Jessica was asked to overhaul Brazil Butt Lift Masters series. Home workouts are prone for home injuries so Jessica's expertise trained the talent how to cue and program to prevent such things from happening. From such a great result, she went on to manager, train and nutrition coach the test groups for two Brazil Butt LIft's, Hip Hop Abs and Insanity the Asylum. Here is where Jessica's eating program, mentioned above, was utilized in a control setting of 200 participants of all levels, sizes and backgrounds, with 100% results across the board, giving her expertise more data on its doing exactly what she’s intending! (reversing things from stomach/digestive problems, to celiac, to hormonal imbalances to name a few). 


In 2010 Jessica set out on her own, and started her own company! At which point, she decided to try running again, after 3 years afraid to do. Upon a challenge to run for 7 days straight, she saw that challenge and raised it! After day 1, she felt so good, her back had not felt better, EVER! Day 2, even better! By day 7 she was hooked, it was the final piece to her correction, and her back felt so free and had better movement with every run. Jessica’s affinity for running was born. She saw the benefit in it for her correction specifically, and incorporated it into her programming.



FMS CO-founder Lee Burton, gave a special workshop that Jessica attended and shared her experience with her accident with him. Lee thanked her and asked for her testimony.  A month later she was named the FMS National Spotlight Expert in 2012!

In 2013 she published her first Ebook on amazon, #RunPainFree Runners Guide to Correcting Knee Pain. 

With her level of training, she had been training athletes for years, and actually correcting them. Reading MRI's, doctor reports, working with PT's and Chiropractors and massage therapists, creating teams to get her clients out of pain. Her first runners injury was , Plantar Fasciitis, actually. Runners have been her majority, in regards to types of athletes, next to football and basketball, and 4th being baseball injuries over the years. Once she incorporated it into her own training, and correction training for clients, quickly she was becoming known as the runners answer to, run pain free.

Over the years, she's combined dance and movement knowledge of 38 years, nutrition study of 25 years, training experience for 15 years and FMS expertise (now) 11 years, and created a runners correction program, to get runners both correction and sport specific training all at once. And the #RunPainFree program was born! 

#RunPainFree #Runner Berry and Coach Jessica, opening up!

#RunPainFree #Runner Berry and Coach Jessica, opening up!

Running her 1st long run, Battery Park to Harlem, West Side Highway 2012

Running her 1st long run, Battery Park to Harlem, West Side Highway 2012

Jessica is a teacher by nature. In every aspect of training, eating or injuries, she literally teaches you what she is doing, why she is doing it, how it started, why it started and how to fix it. She truly wants to help people, becuase she was not helped at all with all her aliments. From her ulcer at 12, to her accident, things that dictated her life, took away her life and limited her life,…not one person could help... she made it her mission to help as many people as possible, to not endure such frustration again. 

Unless you have been in pain, you don't know pain. Unless you have been unable to physically do what you want, you don't know restriction. Jessica understands what many in the fitness field do not and for that reason she gives free events all over NYC on education about injuries and functional movement. Sharing her story and that of hundreds of clients she's corrected over the years. 

Next up for Jessica?! #RunPainFree is a sought after expert in the running community in NYC and growing every day! The events have expanded from NYC to Doing events in Florida for Fit-To-Run, and growing in demand! In 2017 The #RunPainFree Youth Athletic Foundation, a Non-Profit, was founded for promising youth athletes in NYC to get athletic conditioning to extend their athletic careers and scholastics. Jessica has clients all over the globe, from NYC to The Philippines, so the #RunPainFree Academy began in 2018, an online curriculum to get #RunPainFree help where ever you are! Also in 2018 The #RunPainFree Podcast went live! be sure you follow that!

Jessica is still continuing to educate runners in NYC doing QNA Events, Workshops. Serving as a guest expert on podcasts, in running stores, Jessica is now being asked to go to other major running cities around the country for events and international interests as well! Jessica's goal for #RunPainFree is to be known, across the board, as the GO-TO FOR RUNNING INJURIES and pain, who MAKES INJURED RUNNERS INTO ATHLETES. Creating CORRECTED AND PREVENTED, EFFICIENT RUNNERS, ensuring each runner not only runs to their potential, but surpasses it and runs for life, pain free! As for over a decade this program has proven to do so.  


Click the picture below, for the slide show. (Keep clicking for the next picture.)

New York City Runner Review and Testimonial by Marilyn Rosario

What are your running goals?

Marilyn: My goals were to become a better runner by incorporating more strength training exercises to my routine.

#RunPainFree Expert: Marilyn is an OT (Occupational Therapist), in her value of the function of the body, she came to us for prevention! She was ahead of the game, to ensure she could run with no problems.. and attain her goal of the NYC Marathon 2016. 

Why did you seek out #RunPainFree?

Marilyn: I knew that scoliosis was having an impact on my running and I wanted to see what #RunpainFree could do to help me. It was a year ago around this time that I had my first consult with Jessica.

#RunPainFree Expert: As an FMS expert, the job is find what is causing discomfort, or pain. In this case it was the imbalance in muscle development, due to the scoliosis and how her bones formed and grew. Can we change bones? No. But, we can retrain the muscles to reach and stay at their potential, in a way that prevents further dysfunction to the hips, which then dictates the knees and ankle joints. It was imperative we began immediately to address this. 

What was it that made you choose #RunPainFree over other options?

Marilyn: I started to read about Jessica to see the types of runners/clients she worked with. She has several clients like me who have scoliosis.

#RunPainFree Expert: We all have a slight case of scoliosis, so it's super common for #RunPainFree. Ranging in clients from 12 years old to 76 year old seniors I have corrected every single person that's come to me for the fall out of having scoliosis. I was confident in getting Marilyn on a stronger path. 

Did you see any other specialists before seeing a #RunPainFree Expert?

Marilyn: I went to a chiropractor to see if he can help me at first and just had me do an x-ray, a slight adjustment and threw some exercises for me to do without showing me how to do it. So I decided to call Jessica and had my consult and the rest has been history.

#RunPainFree Expert: I come from a Movement prospective. Orthopedic Surgeons cut, Chiropractors adjust, and Physical Therapy manipulate to get you mobile, #RunPainFree retrains your entire body how to function, and by default, we correct the pain you feel by correcting the entire movement pattern that resulted in the pain you feel. That's the huge difference between us. If you get an adjustment, but lack muscles that know how to fire, or have the wrong muscles firing, to keep that adjustment, the body slips out a few days later, you may spasm, and you're back at the chiro's door. Each profession is amazing! But, each profession has limits, and when it comes to movement...that is #RunPainFree, not those listed above. Furthermore in working with athletes, and until they are corrected, all their movement compounds their imbalances. So I must work fast, especially runners in marathon training mode. I have to keep up with them so their progressions happens, and allows me to progress them into the phases of correction. With Marilyn, we were able to jump right into her training. I have yet to tell a runner to stop running. I correct IN movement, so I need you moving to see whats going on and follow what the body reveals.

What was the difference between seeing your chiropractor, and seeing #RunPainFree?

Marilyn: She never told me that I could never run again. She helps manage my scoliosis by helping my underdeveloped muscles get developed and getting my body stronger.

#RunPainFree Expert: Immediately we addressed her T-Spine imbalance both muscularly and joint function, as well as shoulder girdle and Lats. The more we addressed her foundation, releasing the fascia of the IT band, which comes up from her knee, along the outer thigh, covering 80% of her glute, then following up across from her hip, low back, T-Spine and attaching at the opposite shoulder. AKA, IT band; (YES, it covers all of that and therefore dictates the entire movement pattern of a run) Essential to any runner, but specifically to Scoliosis, because there is bone restriction that is not moveable, where as facia creates restriction itself it adds to this overall restriction that trickles downs the body, resulting in pain and/or injuries. 

What have you been able to do since you decided to become a #RunPainFree client?

Marilyn: Last year was my first marathon and I wanted to be ready and to last the whole 26.2 miles pain-free! I signed on with #RunPainFree and have seen Jessica once a week to complete my exercise routine.

#RunPainFree Expert: GOAL! She completed the race and officially became a #RunPainFree NYC Marathon Finisher! She is currently in her loaded phase and solidifying her correction, running like a Gazelle, stronger everyday. She start's as a Pacer for the Galloway Running Group this 2017 Marathon training season, as she heads for Chicago Marathon 2017!

Overall, what has your experience with Jessica and #RunPainFree been?

Marilyn: Each and every session I was getting stronger and I started to get faster and more efficient in my runs and finally started to PR my races!!

They have helped me so much and I am so grateful for her. I look forward to continuing to working with her so I can continue to achieve my goals.

#RunPainFree Expert: Marilyn is the epitome of what #RunPainFree can do for those that do not have any injuries and want to keep it that way! Prevention is always the best correction. Coach Proud of how far she's come, and where I can see her going.. I will be right there making sure she accomplishes all her goals!

Should You Use Kinesio Tape to Prevent Injuries

Dr. Austin L. Sedicum, III.jpg

We're going to watch Dr. Austin L. Sedicum, III, from the Upper Bucks Foot and Ankle Medical Center, demonstrate how you can keep common injuries at bay, using KT-Tape. 


Here at #RunPainFree, we have a different opinion about a lot of the running gear, tools, technology, and devices used by elite runners to get over discomfort or pain.


Most of those discomforts and pains are coming from an imbalance in their bodies. In fact, aside from trauma or direct impact, all injuries are the result of an imbalance within the body.


Let's watch and then check out our #RunPainFree Expert comments below. 

"In the videos below, , shows you the proper kinesio taping technique that helps prevent the five most common running injuries. Pair them with these exercises for the most effective prevention." Dr. Austin Sedicum

How to Prevent Iliotibal Band Syndrome (ITBS)


How to Prevent Hamstring Strain


How to Prevent Shin Splints


How to Prevent Runner's Knee


How to Prevent Plantar Fasciitis


IT Band Syndrome Shin Splints Plantar Fasciitis Hamstrings Achilles Tendinitis Runner’s Knee Injury Prevention

How to Foam Roll For IT-Band Syndrome & Runners Knee

Hi everyone.

I''m here to give you really good information from a Functional Movement Expert's perspective. Cues and ideas that I talk about with my clients on a regular basis and it's about pain free living, and how foam rolling is KEY!

The foam roller that I am using in the video above is the PB Foam Roller. 

What is the foam roller? 

A foam roller releases the strain on joints that causes restriction in movement, decreases pain, increases blood flow and circulation, releases tension, and knots throughout the body. I require all of my clients to have them at home. I have my own personal use of these that I bring with my clients as well and it's imperative that they use it daily. Some of them are foam rolling to three times daily, depending on their pain level, because everybody has aches and pains and zingers! 

Why should I use a foam roller?

That "rubber band" feeling in your knee, is the IT Band pulling on your kneecap. It's important to use a foam roller or stick roller, because bottom line is, it does limit the pain you are feeling. The actual roll flushes out toxins from the soft tissue (fascia, what the IT Band is), and brings in new blood to the tissue, this allows more blood circulation to the muscles and they all start realigning and movement. With muscles getting in the right positions, this is how and ONLY how the muscle will fire/activate. The reason you are in pain, is from dysfunctional movement, that is being held in that dysfunctional place, by the IT band. I have personal injuries from getting hit but a truck as a pedestrian, that I could not do my daily work load as a fitness expert, without rolling daily. When I don't roll, I feel the restriction, especially because I am physical all day long. Restriction in movement, is a cause for injuries, and foam rolling helps create movement. 

Which foam roller, type and size to buy?

You want to get the PB Elite, Full Round black foam roller. Not blue, not white. Black is generally the hardest foam roller that you could get and it really gets into the tension of the fascia. Fascia cannot be stretched out, it has to be pressed out or rolled out. 

What part of my body should I foam roll as a runner?

Your entire body needs to be rolled out. Base of your neck, to your armpits, down your whole back, glutes, outer hips, hammies, inner thighs, up in your groin, hip flexors (right on them), quads, calves, achilles and feet. Everything is connected. and Running requires everything to move. 

Why do runners use foam rollers?

A foam roller is a runners best friend. Most runners use it for the IT Band, when then feel pain. Thankfully more and more runners are using them to PREVENT pain. But they actually need it for all the reasons listed above, in keeping with keeping strain off the joints, and good blood flow to both the joints and muscles, to keep you moving. 
Why does a foam roller work?

What is the best foam roller for runners?

PB Elite, Full Round black foam roller Is the only roller I recommend. 


#RunPainFree Review and Testimonial by Jimmy Leung

RunPainFree Review and Testimonial by Jimmy Leung

What were you experiencing that made you seek out #RunPainFree?

Jimmy L.: After running 200 miles in January my IT Band started screaming and shut me down almost completely in Feb.

RunPainFree Expert: After assessing Jimmy, he had classic IT Band issues that had gone unattended for too long. In elite runners, as Jimmy is, they tend to go much longer in pain and cause more injuries, and more severe injuries. 

How did you meet Jessica & her #RunPainFree Program?

Jimmy L.: It was the 2nd week in March when I hit the panic button. Many friends from my club went to Jessica and was able to run pain free again so it's now my turn.

RunPainFree Expert: I work with, and have seen, many of Jimmy's friends, so I was glad he finally got in to get assessed, since I had heard about his pain from his peers. 

What was #RunPainFree able to do for you?

Jimmy L.: She fixed my ITB in our 2nd session and is now helping me to run correctly. I just completed my 2nd Half marathon in April completely pain free. Actually better than pain free.

RunPainFree Expert: The more athletic the runner is, the more they build out their muscles dysfunctionally, literally change the formation of them, and it's function. Jimmy was one of these athletes. His calves were as if someone stuffed a Yam under his skin. When this is the case, it requires me to break down all the incorrectly built muscle; and in order to do so I need to break down that tissue holding everything in, to get to the muscle to correct function, train the muscles to stay that way and then rebuild it. In starting this, I broke my stick in 2 pieces over the side of his calf as where the IT Band inserts, as I was rolling him. Instantly, Jimmy was a #RunPainFree hero to all the #RunPainFree runners!

I have started his process of breaking down the muscle he built dysfunctionally, release the tension on his joints, train the function to gain range, and the train the muscles to stay that way. He is knee deep in correction, currently hitting phase 2. 

How have you felt running races and marathons, since seeing a  #RunPainFree Expert?

Jimmy L.: During the last half marathon my hamstring tightened up on me at mile 10. I used a stretch that Jessica showed me and I was then able to run a 5k pace for last 3 miles. #RunPainFree works and will get you back on track fast!

RunPainFree Expert: Jimmy has only done 4 sessions, and you can see the impact correction has, and how fast it can take you to a better place as a runner and an athlete, with the #RunPainFree program. The more tenacity, dedication and trust the runner has, the better their results are. Just after 4 sessions, Jimmy not only ran 2 halves a week apart, but came in just 2 seconds over his goal in the 2nd one, Hawaii Marathon 4/9/17.