#RunPainFree Review and Testimonial by Jimmy Leung

RunPainFree Review and Testimonial by Jimmy Leung

What were you experiencing that made you seek out #RunPainFree?

Jimmy L.: After running 200 miles in January my IT Band started screaming and shut me down almost completely in Feb.

RunPainFree Expert: After assessing Jimmy, he had classic IT Band issues that had gone unattended for too long. In elite runners, as Jimmy is, they tend to go much longer in pain and cause more injuries, and more severe injuries. 

How did you meet Jessica & her #RunPainFree Program?

Jimmy L.: It was the 2nd week in March when I hit the panic button. Many friends from my club went to Jessica and was able to run pain free again so it's now my turn.

RunPainFree Expert: I work with, and have seen, many of Jimmy's friends, so I was glad he finally got in to get assessed, since I had heard about his pain from his peers. 

What was #RunPainFree able to do for you?

Jimmy L.: She fixed my ITB in our 2nd session and is now helping me to run correctly. I just completed my 2nd Half marathon in April completely pain free. Actually better than pain free.

RunPainFree Expert: The more athletic the runner is, the more they build out their muscles dysfunctionally, literally change the formation of them, and it's function. Jimmy was one of these athletes. His calves were as if someone stuffed a Yam under his skin. When this is the case, it requires me to break down all the incorrectly built muscle; and in order to do so I need to break down that tissue holding everything in, to get to the muscle to correct function, train the muscles to stay that way and then rebuild it. In starting this, I broke my stick in 2 pieces over the side of his calf as where the IT Band inserts, as I was rolling him. Instantly, Jimmy was a #RunPainFree hero to all the #RunPainFree runners!

I have started his process of breaking down the muscle he built dysfunctionally, release the tension on his joints, train the function to gain range, and the train the muscles to stay that way. He is knee deep in correction, currently hitting phase 2. 

How have you felt running races and marathons, since seeing a  #RunPainFree Expert?

Jimmy L.: During the last half marathon my hamstring tightened up on me at mile 10. I used a stretch that Jessica showed me and I was then able to run a 5k pace for last 3 miles. #RunPainFree works and will get you back on track fast!

RunPainFree Expert: Jimmy has only done 4 sessions, and you can see the impact correction has, and how fast it can take you to a better place as a runner and an athlete, with the #RunPainFree program. The more tenacity, dedication and trust the runner has, the better their results are. Just after 4 sessions, Jimmy not only ran 2 halves a week apart, but came in just 2 seconds over his goal in the 2nd one, Hawaii Marathon 4/9/17.