#RunPainFree Ambassador Announcement

June 12, 2016, Sheldon. The most severely injured runner in the #RunPainFree, class of 2016. 

Sheldon's first #RunPainFree session 6/15/16

Sheldon's first #RunPainFree session 6/15/16

How did Sheldon find #RunPainFree:

Marked, of all runners, "most severe injured runner of 2016", Sheldon came in extreme pain, with several torn hip labrum's.. but little did he know the extent of his injuries up and down his entire body, that #RunPainFree found. He went from not running at all, to starting to run just 2 months before the marathon, and finished the NYC Marathon 2016 in 5:02!  

What pain was Sheldon experiencing?

Sheldon has torn hip labrum's on both hips, he was in hip pain, back pain, limp-running and hyperextending his leg on every run.. compounding even more injuries. When we started correcting his hip, his knee dysfunction showed up. Here is a list of his injuries we started with, followed by the total injuries we found, exposed and corrected in the process: 

Sheldon's first session 6/15/16

Sheldon's first session 6/15/16

Correction: First Session
Torn hip Labrum
Left glute stability Mobility
Right hip stability 
Correction: Total found
Left leg hyper extension 
Torn hip Labrum's each side
Left glute stability Mobility
Left hammie strength and function 
Right hip stability 
Right glute stability 
When focus is hyperextending the right, the pain lessens on left 
Tspine dysfunction 
Shoulder stability 
Lats dysfunction 
Sprained ankle 
9/23/16 3 months into correction, we have PUSH OFF!

9/23/16 3 months into correction, we have PUSH OFF!

Sheldon's entire body had compromised for so much dyfunction, being athlete, that he dysfunctionally built his muscles as well. For the correction process, the ore athletic you are, the more muscle will compromise to the extent of injury. They are of the most involved corrections, to retrain that built and trained dysfunctional movement pattern. Sheldon is an Aquatic Director, Swim Coach, Ph.D student at Columbia University's Teacher College for Physical Education, English Professor, Marathoner and Tri-Athlete, to say he's an "athlete" is an understatement.  
Then Nike Free change up! 

Then Nike Free change up! 


Sheldon's pain is VISIBLE in this 1st correction run he did, his 2nd session, 6/30/16...

Sheldon, above in August starting to trust that right leg more, and below, is 3 months into correction, he opens up 9/21/16...

How did SHeldon start to share #RunPainFree with others?


Sheldon was coming to see Jessica 4-5 days per week. When someone is on the "severe" list, we needed more time to address and be aggressive. The more you correct the more injuries show up, or show brewing injuries, thats who we ACTUALLY correct, by being Bio-Mechanics Expert, the study of movement. That said, Sheldon's body adjusted very fast, literally day to day. The work Sheldon had to put in, the travel from Brooklyn (Coney Island) to the Upper East Side, Chelsea and Central Park, to get in his sessions. His will matched that of the power of the #RunPainFree Program! 

It is becuase of Sheldon's tenacity, his run club took notice. He was with one the oldest, and therefore respected, running clubs in New York City, most of whom saw him in so much pain,... only to see him running like a gazelle out of now where! Runners NATURALLY want to help each other in their running, and pains. He shared his pictures of his session's, exemplified HARD WORKD and dedication, and started a flood of people to get a #RunPainFree Consult to joint the #RunPainFree MOVEMENT! Sheldon, is now with Lean Strong Fast, another respected club here in NYC!

RunPainFree Cheer and STICK station SOBX Faby and Sheldon stop at mile 22!

For the 2016 NYC TCS Marathon, Sheldon ran and finished marathon ever, she finished in 5:02! Sheldon  

How has Sheldon's Pace Improved? 

Sheldon just completed the 5th ave mile in 6:29 9/17/17.. he has hit 616 miles to date for 2017, pushing for 384! He did the Mini Sprint Triathalon in Westchester 9/23/17 and the Bronx 10 Miler 9/24/17, he is running twice as much as everyone, and experiencing tweaks any high performing athlete is. He is CORRECTED. So that means, when he sprained his ankle on a Sunday, he sees Jessica the following Friday, and runs a 6:29 (NYC 5th ave mile) on Sunday. When he is told to rest, he does. But, the #RunPainFree's Program is getting runners to run as much as they want, and that is what we are doing for Sheldon. 

The whole purpose of #RunPainFree is to get you pain free and running however much you so choose to. So that YOU are the deciding factor of your runs, not some pain in your body. We create balanced, efficient runners. And Sheldon is an example of this!


What is SHeldon doing, currently?

Sheldon is headed for the NYC Marathon November 5th, 2017,  in his #NIKEFREE, but his race calendar is full up to then!  #RUNPAINFREE WILL BE AT THE MIAMI MARATHON WITH SHELDON!

9/18- TCS New York City Marathon Tune-Up
9/23- Westchester Sprint Triathlon
9/24- Bronx 10M
10/8- Staten Island Half
10/15- Brooklyn Greenway Half
10/14- The Brooklyn 5 Miler
10/18- Queens Half Marathon
10/22- NYC Duathlon
11/4- Dash to the Finish
11/5- NYC Marathon
11/12- Prospect Park Duathlon
1/28- Miami Half Marathon

He is a running example of what the #RunPainFree program develops and results in... and that's when a once in pain runner, running only when he/she can,... turns into a #RunPainFree runner...running whenever they want. 

Sheldon, is looked up to and respected by his peers for his desire and struggle and correction to run. He shares his struggles all of his races on his path to living his highest performance athletic quest. Sheldon, listens. He stays in contact with Jessica, does his homework and TRUSTS his body is now corrected to talk to him, to keep it on track. That is the #RunPainFree way. His friendly competititive nature keeps him and his peers pushing for more. Being in a family of runners, not only has he come to #runpainfree events, he's brought his father, brother and family friend to them! 

It is due to Sheldon's tenacity and trust in Jessica and #RunPainFree, his loyalty, dedication, understanding and desire to learn in order to exceedingly perform at his highest level, and educate on what the #runpainfrees brand is and brings, on his own accord, simply because he's proof of it, we are proud to announce Sheldon as a  #RunPainFree Ambassador!

Congratulations Sheldon, on representing our brand with commitment, motivation, dedication, and pride!

Sheldon, #RunPainFree Ambassador