#RunPainFree Ambassador Announcement

July 8, 2016, we met, Jazz, and she became a Marathoner!

Jazz's first #RunPainFree session 7/8/16

Jazz's first #RunPainFree session 7/8/16

NYC TCS Marathon 2016

NYC TCS Marathon 2016

How did Jazz find #RunPainFree:

Marked "most severe female of 2016". After pulling out of the NYC Marathon 2015, for a hip fracture and pain, she worked on healing but her pain persisted. Thankfully she had found us on FaceBook, where #runpainfree serves in many NYC running groups as an expert for injuries.  After "stalking" us, as Jazz put it (haha), she reached out for a consult. After not running all year, in 4 months times, she ran, completed and came in 1st out of the #runpainfree class of 2016 NYC Marathon runners, 4:03 time!  

What pain was Jazz experiencing?

Jazz had hip/groin pain, and SI joint (low back/butt) pain. This pain, prevented her from opening up in her run, and therefore, what I call, "under-running", looping her injury and making it worse. Using KT Tape, Braces, restrict and make this ever worse as it's just adding more restriction on the hip and knee joint, and therefore ankle and shoulder restriction. Jazz was a Track and Field athlete growing up, and then played D3 volleyball, all in this dysfunctional place. Then she was hit by a car, compounding everything. Youth, lets a lot of injuries get bypassed, only to show up in your 30's, especially having a major accident on top of it. So, as she set out to run the 2015 NYC Marathon, this hip dysfunction showed up. She sought out doctors and PT and after a year of following what they said, puling out of the race, she had done nothing but spend money, as her pain was still the same. Along this time she found #RunPainFree on Facebook in a few runners groups. After stalking us for months, she finally had her consult on July 8, 2016. From that day on she started the #RunPainFree Program, and correcting her injuries that had held her back for so many years. 

It wasn't an easy correction. More severe injuries, are more severe correction, and in a week she was emailing us, nervous, feeling things she's never felt in her body,... something we get all the time from our runners. It's all apart of the correction process. We get things moving that either have been dormant for years, or never worked in the first place. We told Jazz what we tell all our runners "Trust The Process." She put in the work, listened, did her homework, foam rolling, came to extra sessions,... the #runpainfree way. 

By August 23, 2016, 7 sessions later, Jazz opened up...


How did Jazz start to share #RunPainFree with others?

Jazz's running is what had people coming up to her asking how she was feeling. People couldn't believe how well she was running, having known her injury struggles. She shared the #RunPainFree Program every time someone asked her, just to help people realize they don't have to give up on running. Jazz now 'sticks' anyone who is in need on runs or workouts, or even away races! She has spread the #runpainfree word on her own accord, because she's proof of the brand and she know's first hand it works. Not because anyone asked her to.

For the 2016 NYC TCS Marathon, her first marathon ever, she finished in 4:03! Jazz, came in FIRST place of the #RunPainFree Class of 2016, just 4 months into her correction program, as the most injured female of the Class of 2016. She's gone on to PR thereafter, running the 5th Ave Mile Race in 5:49! 

How has Jazz's Pace Improved? 

The whole purpose of #RunPainFree is to get you pain free and running however much you so choose to. So that YOU are the deciding factor of your runs, not dictated by some pain in your body. We create balanced, efficient runners. And Jazz is an example of this!

Jazz did so well in the Marathon 2016, she took a break from running so much in December- February. This set her back a bit. 1 - when you're body is used to a certain level of activity, consistently and then it stops, the body freaks out, and "freak out" translates into restriction. She still ran in that time frame, and still pain free, but she felt the difference of training to not training, and realized that if she wants to stay running and improving, she needs to stay on top of it. If you give your body the tools it needs, it will run for you, pain free. However, if you don't give it the tools, it wont. It is that simple. She quickly turned that around in 2017, here are some stats thus far:

Fred Lebow Half 1:46 @8:09 pace, PR'd 4M at from 29:43 to 29:29 3 weeks apart, Brooklyn Half 1:54 @ 8:46 on no sleep and travel, Percy Sutton 5K 21:27 @6:58 and most recently the 5th Ave Mile .


What is Jazz doing, currently?

Jazz is headed to the 40th Chicago Marathon on October 8, 2017, followed by the NYC Marathon November 5th, 2017, for a second go at it! 

She is a running example of what the #RunPainFree program develop and results in... and that's when a once in pain runner, running only when he/she can,... turns into a #RunPainFree runner...running whenever they want. 

"Jazzy Brooklyn", is looked up to and respected by her peers. She shares her struggles in her path to living her best life. Always open to helping a fellow runner, be it pace them, push them or roll them. Creating positive competition, for herself, and putting herself first, to then be able to help those around her. Jazz has come to #runpainfree events to do just that, sharing that after she put in the work, she can then come and share her story with other injured runners... without be asked she's come to support the brand in helping more runners, stay running and with hope, being the light at the end of the tunnel! 

It is due to Jazz's loyalty, dedication, understanding and desire to learn and educate on what the #RunPainFree brand is and brings, on her own accord, simply because she's proof of it, that we are proud to announce Jazz as a  #RunPainFree Ambassador!

Congratulations Jazz, on representing our brand with commitment, motivation, dedication, and pride!

Jazz, #RunPainFree Ambassador