#RunPainFree Review & Testimonial in New York City by Lisa Barzotto

Lisa from pptc nycrunner group

I’ve been meaning to thank Jessica #runpainfree officially on here for quite some time! I contacted Jessica about two weeks before my fall marathon (Detroit Free Press Marathon) as I’d heard about how much she has helped many of my fellow track club friends and teammates. I’d been battling nagging ITBS on my left side, and was becoming increasingly worried about it healing in time for the race.

During training, I’d feel fantastic up until mile 15… and then frustrating, debilitating IT pain would set in. Every. Time. I was feeling pretty anxious about it (likely) happening during the marathon, especially having to run the last 11 miles in agony. I wanted so badly to be able to run this marathon with my sister (her first marathon) but was starting to convince myself it just wasn’t possible. On short notice, Jessica fit me into her packed schedule and spent time listening to me, assessing/observing my running, teaching me about ITBS, how to foam roll the right way, and various strengthening and corrective exercises.

She met with me a few days before the big day for one more session (and pep talk!) and checked in with me leading up to race day. I’m so grateful to report that I ran my marathon without ANY pain until mile 24…And the last 2 miles were more of a discomfort, not the debilitating IT pain I’d experienced during my training. It was a truly incredible experience to run a marathon with my sister and I felt overjoyed to be able to enjoy every moment of it without pain.

THANK YOU Jessica and #runpainfree! Your dedication and the passion you have for your work is so inspiring. I’m grateful for the help and support you gave me leading up to my maratho. Happy Running, all!!!

Written by Lisa Barzotto on Facebook.