Once RunPainFree gets rid of my knee pain, Will it come back?

#RunPainFree Misconceptions #3

"Once you get rid of my knee pain...Will it come back?"  

I answer this while explaining the differences between going to rehab and actually correcting the root cause of your pain.

Hey It's Jessica and I'm going over the number 3 most talked about misconception of the #RunPainFree Program.

Once we get to the root of your knee pain...Is this going to come back in a few months, because that's what happened with physical therapy?

No, but that is what separates me from physical therapy. With Physical therapy they go after the pain spot and that's what they work on.

I find the root of the problem.

If I went on the pain spot and only work there, what actually caused the injury is still going to brew. Which is why your back in physical therapy six months later for either the other side or worse, same side.

I find the root, correct at the root level, then by default I correct the actual pain, but going to the pain spot and focusing there (to get mobility or break up scar tissue), has a complete adverse effect and is almost completely pointless.

So no, your pain will not come back. The point of correction is to actually be corrected. That's why it's not called rehab. They're totally two different things.