#RunPainFree Ambassador Announcement

Prevention and Knowledge of Functional Movement, brought us Occupational Therapist, Marilyn! 

Marilyn's consult, May 9, 2016

Marilyn's consult, May 9, 2016

How did Marilyn find #RunPainFree:

Marilyn is an Occupational Therapist, with her own body's awareness she understood the power of prevention. She was reading up on #RunPainFree online, seeing videos and hearing about the program from peers that had been to see Jessica or a workshop. She  understood that our program was exactly not only what she was looking for, but what she valued. 

What pain was Marilyn experiencing?

Marilyn was the only 2016 preventative runner, she didn't have any injuries, she came tp be ahead of them! She has Scoliosis. The majority of society does have a slight case of this, just from daily function and tendencies.  Like so many people, she went to a chiropractor to see if it would help. After an x-ray, a slight adjustment and then, as she states, "...he threw some exercises for me to do without showing me how to do it...", she decided to call, Jessica. 

Since that consult,  Marilyn has worked consistently on her body movement correction.  Scoliosis is of the bone, and even if you break the bone, you still have to RE-train the muscles around them to support the structure (no a brace doesn't do this, hence why so many adults who had back braces for scoliois still have issues).. So, #RunPainFree correction for Marilyn was addressing the underdeveloped, dysfunctionally developed, and over developed (compromising) muscles. 


Marilyn would come to her session, on her way home from a race, albeit a 5K or a half marathon she'd show up at the gym or park with her medal in tow, a physical representation of her progress weekly! She pushed hard and found her body's needs along the way. Sharing #runpainfree with her peers, from rolling them to referring them, coming to all our injury events around NYC supporting the brand and our purpose to correct AND prevent injuries. With intense integrity! 

How did Marilyn start to share #RunPainFree with others?

The #RunPainFree program educates the runner so they can go out into the world and help other runners.  Marilyn started rolling her peers quite fast upon working with Jessica. But, what set her apart was that she WAS NOT INJURED. Marilyn was the ONLY person on the 2016 roster that came FOR prevention, that is...the BEST correction by the way. With that, she stood out and was looked at for guidance from many other runners. Too many wait until they are hurt before they see Jessica, when in fact #RunPainFree is just as much about prevention as it is correction. After all, once you are deemed corrected, you are deemed preventative as well. You're body will now protect you fro being "injured" ever again. 


What are some of Marilyn's accomplishments?

NYC TCS Marathon 2016

NYC TCS Marathon 2016

Marilyn Ran her first Marathon ever in 2016 NYC TCS Marathon! She has ran the Run-Disney Princess challenge, Lola challenge in Puerto Rico, countless Half Marathons, and just completed her 2nd full marathon celebrating Chicago's 40th anniversary! 

How has Marilyn's Pace Improved? 

The whole purpose of #RunPainFree is to get you pain free and running however much you so choose to. So that YOU are the deciding factor of your runs, not some pain in your body. We create balanced, efficient runners. And Marilyn is an example of this!

Starting with us, she was doing the Galloway Method of run-walking, she's challenged herself to run straight and went from 14 min miles to hitting 11's! She is now a Pacer for Galloway as a result of her progress! 


May 20, 2017 10 min PR for a half and a course 10 Min PR!

May 20, 2017 10 min PR for a half and a course 10 Min PR!



What is Marilyn doing currently?

Facing the world at large, and all it's changes, she looks to running as her release, so she is ready to take on any challenge life shows her! It is our honor to provide her with the support her body needs to keep running! 

Currently she is headed for  

February 24-25 Disney Fairytale Challenge,  March 11 Celebrate Life, March 25 Donut Half, April 29 the inaugural women’s Half in Washington DC, May 6  Run for the Cows, May 19 NYRR Brooklyn Half.. for now!  




Marilyn has exceedingly progressed and represents non-injured runners who get ahead of issues. A group of people that Marilyn is now helping get preventative in their athletic pursuits. She has done this of no influence other than her own, and it is for that reason we are happy to announce her as a #RunPainFree Ambassador! 

Congratulations Marilyn, on representing our brand with commitment, motivation, dedication, and pride! You are a #RunPainFree Ambassador