Jessica Marie Rose Leggio, Athletic Injury Correction & Conditioning Expert, FMS


Understanding pain, takes someone who can study. Correcting pain, takes someone who has been in pain. A career derived from personal experience, ailments and pain is exactly what made Jessica who she is today. 

A dancer since the age of 3, choreographer and sub-teacher by 12, managing a dance company by 18, where she fixed her first hip in the middle of teaching a class. An ulcer at 12, sparked self nutrition study into a minor in college, resulted in nutrition, digestive nutrition and exercise nutrition specialist with her own eating system. Training throughout, along high school and college athletes, was a place that always intrigued Jessica. A life-time of pain, lead to a career in relieving pain.

Graduated Summa Cum Laude from the College of Mt. Saint Vincent, Business - Marketing and Entertainment Management, inducted into the Delta Mu Delta Nation Honor Society in Business Administration. After years in corporate America (Finance, Spirit and Education Industries), while training and doing nutrition on the side, Jessica made the decision to do what made her feel alive and purposeful... and went full time into Personal Training. 

Equinox Fitness Clubs, ignited Jessica's natural ability to understand anyone's body. This had her promoted quite fast through the levels of training, and her attention to form captured both trainers and clients alike, to this day she is known for her eye. During this time Functional Movement Systems, chose the club she was apart of for an intensive training in learning how to assess movement patterns, imbalances and asymmetries, and correct them. FMS resonated with Jessica's training style and it sky rocketed her business. Quickly she started training other trainers. And eventually, she was offered a job at the Sports Physical Therapy office inside Equinox to be their aid alongside training. 

She was living her life with purpose! An amazing career taking off, learning more every day, working out with trainers, going for runs, dancing life! FINAlLY, she had found her place! The sky had no limit! 

On December 15, 2007, Jessica was hit by a Toyota pick up truck, as a pedestrian. Her immediate injuries were; shifted collar bone, separated shoulder, fractured hip, chipped femur, lost t-spine mobility (no back or neck rotation), SI joint dysfunction (no hip movement), both sprained knees. In a second, the life Jessica had known, would never be again. Coming to terms with this was unfathomable. As if the initial blow wasn't enough, a few months later, L4, L5 and S1 all 3, "hugely bulging disks", showed up. The pain Jessica had every day was indescribable. Using medication patches, pain patches, heating pads and holding back tears to hide the pain,… was how Jessica worked everyday for a year post accident Hiding it from everyone to not put her job, what she loved, in Jeopardy. Being that she was working in PT at this time as well, she had many doctors to help her, but nothing helped. 

The most intense back pain, all day long. Sitting was the worst, so Jessica took on as much sessions as possible just to not sit. After 51 MRI's, Orthopedists and and the final Physical Therapist saying "...Jessica, I have no idea where your pain is coming from," Jessica and her training partner figured it out. Performing an FMS assessment move, immediately showed them exactly where Jessica's intense back pain was coming from, and it wasn't her back.. it was her hip! Realizing FMS, what they had been certified in a year prior, was exactly how she would be fixed gave hope to a very dark time for her. Correction started that moment, and for 2x per day, 5 days a week, she put in the work, scared, nervous and complaining like any client would, too! And in 4 months time, Jessica had 80% of her range of motion back and no more pain

From that moment on, Jessica was known for her FMS expertise among Equinox Executives, Managers and peers. Hosting and a guest at FMS events in several Equinox clubs across New York City. Trainers would learn off of her injuries, because her innate understanding of her own body coupled with being injured, gave valuable feedback to the training staff on the results of any movement performed.  

Jessica, having been a top producer for Equinox pre accident, post accident became #1 trainer for Equinox Wall St for the duration of employment, Top 3 in NYC and ranked #26 in the country. She became and still is, known as the "trainer to the trainers", mentoring as many trainers as possible to educate them in FMS, pain, injuries, athletic conditioning and proper training.  Her extensive education in books, continued education certifications, and actual real life case studies of hundreds of people, gives immeasurable value to her craft and those around her. 

The accident cost Jessica her apartment, car and dancing career, but as she states, "It made me a better expert." She's been able to get hundreds of people out of pain, but going through her own. And it was because of this, that she nurtured this knowledge and shared it! Around the same time is when Beachbody's own Shaun T, was training with Jessica's Training partner, Daniyel, and asked them to be his training team for his upcoming workout, Insanity the Asylum. 

Together, the three programmed Insanity the Asylum, from soup to nuts, it's the only athletic training focused workout on the market. After shooting, Jessica was asked to overhaul Brazil Butt Lift Masters series. Home workouts are prone for home injuries so Jessica's expertise trained the talent how to cue and program to prevent such things from happening. From such a great result, she went on to manager, train and nutrition coach the test groups for two Brazil Butt LIft's, Hip Hop Abs and Insanity the Asylum. Here is where Jessica's eating program, mentioned above, was utilized in a control setting of 200 participants of all levels, sizes and backgrounds, with 100% results across the board, giving her expertise more data on its doing exactly what she’s intending! (reversing things from stomach/digestive problems, to celiac, to hormonal imbalances to name a few). 


In 2010 Jessica set out on her own, and started her own company! At which point, she decided to try running again, after 3 years afraid to do. Upon a challenge to run for 7 days straight, she saw that challenge and raised it! After day 1, she felt so good, her back had not felt better, EVER! Day 2, even better! By day 7 she was hooked, it was the final piece to her correction, and her back felt so free and had better movement with every run. Jessica’s affinity for running was born. She saw the benefit in it for her correction specifically, and incorporated it into her programming.



FMS CO-founder Lee Burton, gave a special workshop that Jessica attended and shared her experience with her accident with him. Lee thanked her and asked for her testimony.  A month later she was named the FMS National Spotlight Expert in 2012!

In 2013 she published her first Ebook on amazon, #RunPainFree Runners Guide to Correcting Knee Pain. 

With her level of training, she had been training athletes for years, and actually correcting them. Reading MRI's, doctor reports, working with PT's and Chiropractors and massage therapists, creating teams to get her clients out of pain. Her first runners injury was , Plantar Fasciitis, actually. Runners have been her majority, in regards to types of athletes, next to football and basketball, and 4th being baseball injuries over the years. Once she incorporated it into her own training, and correction training for clients, quickly she was becoming known as the runners answer to, run pain free.

Over the years, she's combined dance and movement knowledge of 38 years, nutrition study of 25 years, training experience for 15 years and FMS expertise (now) 11 years, and created a runners correction program, to get runners both correction and sport specific training all at once. And the #RunPainFree program was born! 

#RunPainFree #Runner Berry and Coach Jessica, opening up!

#RunPainFree #Runner Berry and Coach Jessica, opening up!

Running her 1st long run, Battery Park to Harlem, West Side Highway 2012

Running her 1st long run, Battery Park to Harlem, West Side Highway 2012

Jessica is a teacher by nature. In every aspect of training, eating or injuries, she literally teaches you what she is doing, why she is doing it, how it started, why it started and how to fix it. She truly wants to help people, becuase she was not helped at all with all her aliments. From her ulcer at 12, to her accident, things that dictated her life, took away her life and limited her life,…not one person could help... she made it her mission to help as many people as possible, to not endure such frustration again. 

Unless you have been in pain, you don't know pain. Unless you have been unable to physically do what you want, you don't know restriction. Jessica understands what many in the fitness field do not and for that reason she gives free events all over NYC on education about injuries and functional movement. Sharing her story and that of hundreds of clients she's corrected over the years. 

Next up for Jessica?! #RunPainFree is a sought after expert in the running community in NYC and growing every day! The events have expanded from NYC to Doing events in Florida for Fit-To-Run, and growing in demand! In 2017 The #RunPainFree Youth Athletic Foundation, a Non-Profit, was founded for promising youth athletes in NYC to get athletic conditioning to extend their athletic careers and scholastics. Jessica has clients all over the globe, from NYC to The Philippines, so the #RunPainFree Academy began in 2018, an online curriculum to get #RunPainFree help where ever you are! Also in 2018 The #RunPainFree Podcast went live! be sure you follow that!

Jessica is still continuing to educate runners in NYC doing QNA Events, Workshops. Serving as a guest expert on podcasts, in running stores, Jessica is now being asked to go to other major running cities around the country for events and international interests as well! Jessica's goal for #RunPainFree is to be known, across the board, as the GO-TO FOR RUNNING INJURIES and pain, who MAKES INJURED RUNNERS INTO ATHLETES. Creating CORRECTED AND PREVENTED, EFFICIENT RUNNERS, ensuring each runner not only runs to their potential, but surpasses it and runs for life, pain free! As for over a decade this program has proven to do so.  


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