How to Recover after Running a New York City Race or Marathon

Jessica Marie Rose Leggio from #RunPainFree goes over ways you can safely recover from running a race or Marathon. Jessica is the head trainer at where you can see what she continues to add to the running community here in New York City.

Hey everyone. Jessica Marie Rose Leggio here from #runpainfree.

A big congrats to everyone who ran the new york city half marathon today. It was freezing for us bystanders but all of you guys looked really good. I loved seeing all my heel strikers out there, getting in it! A big congrats to all my #RunPainFree runners a lot of you guys PR and I'm super proud of you.

Jessica Leggio cheering on her #RunPainFree runners on March 19, 2017 at the New York City Half Marathon

Jessica Leggio cheering on her #RunPainFree runners on March 19, 2017 at the New York City Half Marathon

Post marathon half-marathon recovery, this one specifically, I know a lot of you use it for a training run towards Brooklyn and it's falling right where your long runs will be getting starting for training for The Brooklyn Half Marathon. SoI definitely want to take into consideration you don't want to take off too much time. You definitely want to do a bit of cross training tomorrow. Make sure you are foam rolling today. A nice good foam rolling session with a nice hot bath, and then tomorrow get right into an actual workout.

The best way to recover from sore muscles is always to work out again, but even in a training mode you would want to do the opposite of what you're training for, so since you ran today, you'd want to cross train tomorrow. That will be the best thing if you have any pain.

Text me or get on to Run Pain Free Now  and send a message for me right when a pop-up  comes up, put your information and get with me as soon as possible.  You only have two months exactly till The Brooklyn Half Marathon and anybody who's running The  Boston Marathon also uses the Brooklyn Half, as a training run, because your bull marathon is next month. So again you want to get right into cross training as soon as your race or marathon is done.

I hope that answers any questions in general.

Any specifics message me on facebook. Or you can go ahead to RunPainFreeNow and message me.