Can I Get Rid of My Running Pain a Few Weeks Before my Marathon?

It's never too late. Reducing the pain that you're in will be a great relief. Anyone who's ever had to manage or live with pain knows that taking a level 9 pain or discomfort to a level 3, makes all the difference before a big race or marathon.

This is the fifth of the top 5 #RunPainFree Misconceptions, and that is...

"Is it too late for me to fix myself pre-marathon?"

#RunPainFree gets the most influx of calls and text messages, two weeks pre-marathon every year.

It's because people have trained through pain and they pushed so hard they put it off that it has become unbearable.

And now their IT Band is crazy, their plantar fasciitis is crazy, and their knee pain is out of control.

This is because most runners believe that they can run with IT band pain and it's totally fine, and that's not the case.

"An unattended IT Band will tear your hip labrum...I can pretty much guarantee that."

Next in line then becomes your acl, lcl, or mcl, and those are real injuries you do not want to run the risk of incurring.

Meniscus I can have you run a marathon with a torn meniscus and that's not going to be a big issue.

So those are bigger more sever injuries.

I do have runners running the marathon in two weeks, with torn hip labrum who are completely pain free.

But to get them to that point is a bit much, but it is never too late to see me pre-marathon, EVER.

The more I can release and relieve any kind of discomfort to keep you in the race or running your marathon, on any level, is what I believe you should do.

You've trained hard for 6 plus months. It's what you do. It's your Super bowl,

And you should push for it.

I would never tell anyone to do anything that would hurt them, and in a decade I have never told a runner not to run the marathon

But if I had to it would have to be a serious reason why.

Most of the time I can actually relieve some of the pressure and then I can work with creating a injury correction program immediately after the marathon.

It's never too late to contact me and get your It-band released, get your legs and glutes firing, relieve as much pain or discomfort, to get you through your marathon.