#RunPainFree Flagship Ambassador Announcement

In September of 2015, we received a call from, Ana.

Ana's Consult, first meeting September 22, 2015

Ana's Consult, first meeting September 22, 2015

How did Ana find #RunPainFree:

She had found us on FaceBook in an NYC runners group and was in run-stopping-pain. After she read up on #RunPainFree, Ana reached out for help. Immediately we met and she started the #RunPainFree program!

What pain was Ana experiencing?

Ana had sever sciatica pain, thats what she came to us for. BUT, as in all cases, we find TONS more injuries that resulted in the pain you wind up feeling. Correction: Sciatica, Knee Pain, Hip Dysfunction, Glute Dysfunction, Ankle Mobility, Toe Striker (makes up MOST injured runners BTW.), T-Spine immobility, Shoulder Pain, Piriformis, and IT band.

Since that day, she worked tirelessly, having sessions where ever she could get it in, from Chelsea, to her office in Harlem, to Central Park, to UES Carl Schurz Park. Whatever she needed to do to fix the pain, she was going to do. Her will, drove the results. 

How did Ana start to share #RunPainFree with others?

After 1 month in the program, she hosted a private #RunPainFree Injury events for her personal running circle, just to share with them and help her friends run better, and pain free. Ana has ran races all over this country and Puerto Rico over the past 2.5 years, getting a PR (personal record) EVERY time. 


What are some of Ana's accomplishments?

NYC TCS Marathon 2016

NYC TCS Marathon 2016

For the 2016 NYC TCS Marathon, she PR'd 1 hour and 40 mins from the 2015 NYC TCS Marathon. We, at #RunPainFree, had to make sure it wasn't a typo! Ana is a leader in her running groups and for #RunPainFree, exemplifying no short cuts, work, dedication, and commitment. If she is not running, she is out supporting a fellow runner, and stays until they cross the finish line. Even if she is on 3 hours of sleep, she keeps her word and shows up. She truly goes the extra mile for her self care, as well as that of her peers. 

How has Ana's Pace Improved? 

The whole purpose of #RunPainFree is to get you pain free and running however much you so choose to. So that YOU are the deciding factor of your runs, not some pain in your body. We create balanced, efficient runners. And Ana is an example of this!

Starting with us in 2015 she was running 16-17 MPM pace. Today, she is running 11:20 pace, and getting faster. She has shaved hours off her running, and added more enjoyable runs because she's created efficiency! Gazelle legs, and faster than runners 10+ years younger than her. She is someone we can all learn from!


May 2017

May 2017

Trifecta Finisher!

What is Ana doing currently?

Like anyone she has life throwing her curveballs, that she handles with passion and strength. Running continues to be her therapy, and we are SO happy we are able to keep her running!

She PR'd the Brooklyn Half Marathon in NYC (the largest half recorded), and she followed that up with completing the Trifecta of 3 halves in 3 different states in 3 days, Utah, Wyoming and Idaho! . She is running stronger and stronger, and she is the epitome of what the #RunPainFree program results in... and that's a once in pain runner, running only when he/she can,... to a #RunPainFree runner...running whenever they want. 

Ana's, aka Ms. Wepa, is known in running community. Her tenacity for her physical and mental health, in doing what she loves most and makes her a better person every day is exactly what #RunPainFree is about. Every post, running singlet or video, she mentions and thanks #RunPainFree, provoked solely by wanting to help others run better.  She's educated so many runners on what she has learned in correcting her own injuries, runners see her out for her to roll them with the stick, as well as comfort. If she sees someone in pain, immediately she texts us and refers them to us for help. All on her own accord and results.

Ana has added unmatched, intangible value to the #RunPainFree program and brand, that we could not be more honored to name her the first and therefore the, Flagship #RunPainFree Ambassador!

Congratulations Ana (Ms. Wepa), on representing our brand with commitment, motivation, dedication, and pride! Ana (Ms. Wepa), The #RunPainFree Flagship Ambassador


May 2017

May 2017