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"We help runners with injuries...
Fix, Heal, & Correct Their Ailments...
Through Injury Recovery Programs...
So Runners CAN Enjoy Their Passion For Distance Running!"
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What People Are Saying:
I came to Jessica (#RunPainFree) feeling defeated, injured, and hating my body for being in pain and preventing me from running. Jessica taught me how to see the pain in my body as feedback and helped me get to the root of the injury. She taught me to listen to my body and take care of it so I can run pain-free!
It makes sense, it's work that you put into your own self and in the long run, you'll be better equipped to tackle not just running, but all movement. I'm looking forward to staying active as I get older, and feel like I have valuable tools now that I would have never had.
- Jennifer G.
I HIGHLY encourage anyone to join Run Pain Free because I personally have been where the next person has been and know that living in pain isn’t the answer to an everyday life let alone someone who is an active person such as myself.
- Lydia Gonzalez
What Clients Are Saying:
#RunPainFree Academy will change your life! Videos tutorials and advice for my body and the support is incredible. There is a plethora of information available. If you want to help yourself finally address aches and pains that block you from enjoying your sport to its fullest potential you’ve come to the right place!
- Dana Stein

Within a week the limp that I’ve had for over a decade was gone. I no longer wake up and struggle to get out of bed because of pain, and it no longer feels like I’m walking on swords with every step. Coach Jessica and #RunPainFree haven’t just changed my running, they’ve changed my life.

- Cambrey Olmos
I've tried physical therapists on at least three separate occasions and it never worked. Run Pain Free has been the only effective treatment for me. I've gone from possible hip replacement to jogging again. The effectiveness of the exercises and vast knowledge of the workings of the body.
- Julian H.
We help runners with injuries Fix, Heal, and Correct their run ailments through injury recovery programs so you can enjoy your passion for distance running.
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