#RunPainFree Ambassador Announcement

Yvette's 1st session, August 31, 2016

Yvette's 1st session, August 31, 2016

Summers end  2016, Inerternational marathoner, "The Captain", came for a consult regarding her cramping legs holding her back...it was restriction from dysfunction all the while. 

How did Yvette find #RunPainFree:

Yvette is the founder and Captain of #JustKeepRunning, Inc. A Facebook group for runners to post about running and supporting runners. That's it! Yvette has a strict no nonsence policy and that is why its the best FB Runners group out! 

Jessica is in many running groups, as a runner but she serves as an injury expert to help as many runners as she can, requiring nothing in return. Yvette approved Jessica for #JustKeepRunning to be one of them. However, when Yvette was experiencing her own pain, It was Ana, #RunPainFree Flagship Ambassador, who was also in the group that talked about her program with us, and seeing Jessica's responses to her runners, that she came for her consult.


What pain was Yvette experiencing?

Yvette was having bad cramping in her legs, quads specifically, on her long runs. Being the type of runner who only races Half's and Full Marathons (maybe a 10 miler in there), a "long run" is all of her running. She felt it was holding her back, and that it was but it wasn't the cramping. Her entire IT Band's movement pattern was restricting her ability to run to her body's potential. Her T-spine was locked up completely, not allowing for any torque (a runners power source) to even begin to get her legs to open up and use her mechanics to activate (glute and hips = push off), and then she was cramping from the lactic acid build up that wasn't dumping due to poor muscle action. So the "cramping" was really restriction from the IT band, creating hip dysfunction, and therefore not allowing for muscle movement/activation.. so it could never fulling flex or extend, which has to happen for lactic acid to build up as well as flush or "dump" properly.  

We FaceTime when she cannot get into the city. 

We FaceTime when she cannot get into the city. 

The more we corrected, the more we found.. its apart of the correction process. and Yvette kept on her homework regardless of anything life tossed her. She has a very high profile job, so at times Jessica would go to her job to train her. And because she does not live in New York City so she commuted to see Jessica, but when she couldn't make it into NYC, she'd facetime to get the session in (like our online sessions). It's tenacity like this that makes #RunPainFree what it is today 

In addition to her own life, she operates and manages #justkeeprunning, and online FB running group, designed to motivate, support and uplift runners. In her "spare" time of being a mom of 3 girls, and one hell of a athletic mom, she makes sure all the runners in her group get the same support, just be help other runners stay uplifted whether they are running in a group or alone. 


Yvette travels all over the county and international to run half and full marathons! She has runners in pretty much every state so there is always a group to run a race with. And, everyone loves running with her because she's simply, inspirational!

#RunPainFree Ambassadors Ana and Yvette complete the Bear Lake 3 Half Marathons in 3 States 2017

#RunPainFree Ambassadors Ana and Yvette complete the Bear Lake 3 Half Marathons in 3 States 2017

How did Yvette start to share #RunPainFree with others?

The #RunPainFree program educates the runner so they can go out into the world and help other runners.  

Once Yvette saw and felt her body change, from the #RunPainFree program, she shared her work with anyone she heard was in pain. Sharing what she has learned to referring the to Jessica, just to help her peers. When Yvette knows someone struggling in pain and can't run, she truly invests herself in helping them get running again. A quality that transcends the running community. 

What are some of Yvette's accomplishments?

Post NYC Marathon 2016

Post NYC Marathon 2016

Yvette has ran all over the globe but in 2016, she did 3 planned marathons, with no injuries (pictured right), and from that smile you can see her pride in accomplishing the triple marathon challenge! Atlantic City, Chicago and NYC of 2016! 

Completed Marathons:

Richmond (2)


Atlantic City


Myrtle Beach 

Martha’s Vineyard 




How has Yvette's Pace Improved? 

The whole purpose of #RunPainFree is to get you pain free and running however much you so choose to. So that YOU are the deciding factor of your runs, not some pain in your body. We create balanced, efficient runners. And Yvette is an example of this!

Starting with us, Yvette was running inefficiently, with having to use too much effort.. due to all her restrictions. Unable to improve her time due to muscle dysfunction. We had to get her cramping stopped from the lactic acid build up, from improper muscle function, to allow for her muscles to actually build in oder to support her joint mobility and function IN ORDER to build muscle.. and that we did! Ever case is different, even when rooted in the same spot.  

#RunPainFree Ambassadors Yvette and Ana Tag team a session summer 2017.

#RunPainFree Ambassadors Yvette and Ana Tag team a session summer 2017.

What is Yvette doing currently?


Yvette has entered the elite #runpainfree corrective program, so we can solidify her FUNCTIONAL movement pattern, and now strengthen it, and therefore her muscles as well.. to get het full potential out of her body! 

Currently she is headed for:

BERLIN Major 2018


Yvette is a leader by example. She uplifts everyone she comes across, and pulls out the best in everyone! Her own fortitude is contagious and her will for being at her best, makes you do the same. Yvette has supported #runpainfree since her first session, has referred many runners to #RunPainFree events, and Jessica. Our mission to keep as many runners running, for life, is something Yvette has naturally been apart of. She has done this of no influence other than her own, and it is for that reason we are happy to announce her as a #RunPainFree Ambassador! 

Congratulations Yvette, "Captain", on representing our brand with commitment, motivation, dedication, and pride! You are a #RunPainFree Ambassador

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