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Running Form: Don't Believe Hype.

This is Sheldon, he was the most injured last (2016) marathon season, showing over 10 injuries as we went through the correction process, that he obtained running the way TOO many runners, not experts in movement, suggest. Which is the why so many get injured listening to it. He is completely corrected and now my fastest male runner. Because of that stride, he now has the function to utilize his entire movement pattern of a run, to actually run. That said, I can actually explain why you are 100% dysfunctional, with a smile of course ;),  and that's why you're so injured for so long.

Breaking down the mechanics of a run. 

Breaking down the mechanics of a run. 

Breaking down the mechanics of a run. 

Breaking down the mechanics of a run. 

When you don't have any hip rotation, which requires full extension and flexion, you create dysfunction in restriction of your own joints. I call this "under running" meaning, anything LESS than YOUR full range of motion, which will cause injury.. This happens, be it you are running wrong, or your mechanics are actually restricting your ability to run, both resulting in your body not functionally moving as a unit, making the joints and muscles to work against one another which leads to the greater imbalance (how the severity of the injury is determined), muscles and joints start OVER working improperly, resulting in injuries. You need BASIC HUMAN BIO-MECHANICS before any sport. Or, I don't care how good you are, you will never reach your potential, and you will stay with injuries. The mechanics MUST be present first IN ORDER to train the athlete.

So, for instance, a runner that does not have knee flexion at all (doesn't bend), is running as if they are running on stilts, jamming their hip, knee, ankle and back with every step. If you are not flexing your ankle, you are not flexing your hip. The dysfunctional movement, compounds injuries and makes the dysfunction STRONGER with every workout (speed workout is a strength workout FYI), until you correct the pattern. 

So, you have no chance at running totally pain free or to your potential, or any PR for that matter, without fixing base line mechanics.

Breakdown: Hip function, to ankle flexion, to full foot movement to completely ROLL THROUGH your foot (ESSENTIAL FOR RUNNERS), then engages the glute, which extends the hip to then fire the hip to flex (you do not get full flexion with out full extension first), the ankle extends and push off occurs, then the knee can extend .. that is gazelle movement, the full function of the entire lower body, dictated by the glutes support of the upper body and with no tissue/fascia restriction across the T-spine preventing twisting or torque. The IT Band covers the entire movement pattern, covering all major joints and muscles required to allow a run movement. If that is restricting anything, nothing will work. Its a process to getting your body functional IN ORDER To perform. And that is all #RunPainFree is about, preparing the body to perform. 

CLICK THE PHOTO BELOW FOR A SLIDE SHOW OF FUNCTIONAL STRIDES, Performed by Lead Female #RunPainFree Runner Jazz, and lead Male #RunPainFree #Runner Sheldon. 





Should You Use Kinesio Tape to Prevent Injuries

Dr. Austin L. Sedicum, III.jpg

We're going to watch Dr. Austin L. Sedicum, III, from the Upper Bucks Foot and Ankle Medical Center, demonstrate how you can keep common injuries at bay, using KT-Tape. 


Here at #RunPainFree, we have a different opinion about a lot of the running gear, tools, technology, and devices used by elite runners to get over discomfort or pain.


Most of those discomforts and pains are coming from an imbalance in their bodies. In fact, aside from trauma or direct impact, all injuries are the result of an imbalance within the body.


Let's watch and then check out our #RunPainFree Expert comments below. 

"In the videos below, , shows you the proper kinesio taping technique that helps prevent the five most common running injuries. Pair them with these exercises for the most effective prevention." Dr. Austin Sedicum

How to Prevent Iliotibal Band Syndrome (ITBS)


How to Prevent Hamstring Strain


How to Prevent Shin Splints


How to Prevent Runner's Knee


How to Prevent Plantar Fasciitis


IT Band Syndrome Shin Splints Plantar Fasciitis Hamstrings Achilles Tendinitis Runner’s Knee Injury Prevention

How to Foam Roll For IT-Band Syndrome & Runners Knee

Hi everyone.

I''m here to give you really good information from a Functional Movement Expert's perspective. Cues and ideas that I talk about with my clients on a regular basis and it's about pain free living, and how foam rolling is KEY!

The foam roller that I am using in the video above is the PB Foam Roller. 

What is the foam roller? 

A foam roller releases the strain on joints that causes restriction in movement, decreases pain, increases blood flow and circulation, releases tension, and knots throughout the body. I require all of my clients to have them at home. I have my own personal use of these that I bring with my clients as well and it's imperative that they use it daily. Some of them are foam rolling to three times daily, depending on their pain level, because everybody has aches and pains and zingers! 

Why should I use a foam roller?

That "rubber band" feeling in your knee, is the IT Band pulling on your kneecap. It's important to use a foam roller or stick roller, because bottom line is, it does limit the pain you are feeling. The actual roll flushes out toxins from the soft tissue (fascia, what the IT Band is), and brings in new blood to the tissue, this allows more blood circulation to the muscles and they all start realigning and movement. With muscles getting in the right positions, this is how and ONLY how the muscle will fire/activate. The reason you are in pain, is from dysfunctional movement, that is being held in that dysfunctional place, by the IT band. I have personal injuries from getting hit but a truck as a pedestrian, that I could not do my daily work load as a fitness expert, without rolling daily. When I don't roll, I feel the restriction, especially because I am physical all day long. Restriction in movement, is a cause for injuries, and foam rolling helps create movement. 

Which foam roller, type and size to buy?

You want to get the PB Elite, Full Round black foam roller. Not blue, not white. Black is generally the hardest foam roller that you could get and it really gets into the tension of the fascia. Fascia cannot be stretched out, it has to be pressed out or rolled out. 

What part of my body should I foam roll as a runner?

Your entire body needs to be rolled out. Base of your neck, to your armpits, down your whole back, glutes, outer hips, hammies, inner thighs, up in your groin, hip flexors (right on them), quads, calves, achilles and feet. Everything is connected. and Running requires everything to move. 

Why do runners use foam rollers?

A foam roller is a runners best friend. Most runners use it for the IT Band, when then feel pain. Thankfully more and more runners are using them to PREVENT pain. But they actually need it for all the reasons listed above, in keeping with keeping strain off the joints, and good blood flow to both the joints and muscles, to keep you moving. 
Why does a foam roller work?

What is the best foam roller for runners?

PB Elite, Full Round black foam roller Is the only roller I recommend. 


#RunPainFree : Over $700 to a Dr. and I'm fixing myself...

MY #Runpainfree runners will relate to this post:

When a person comes for a consult, which is FREE, you get assessed, told what your pain is from and how I will fix it. Before you are event a client. 

Lets keep that in mind reading this. OH and my program ACTUALLY fixes people.

As you may know, I was hit by a truck and have injuries head to toe, so I know pain, and i know the medical system that doesn't help. BUT this is my recent encounter with a doctors. 

The last week in Sep. I tore all the ligaments in my left thumb. With my runners relying on me for the #nycmarathon, stopping was of no option. I wore a Duane Reade Thumb stabilizer brace so I can stop my thumb from moving when I used my hand to work on my clients. 1 week in, I saw urgent care for $150. After the Xray showed no break, I was told to wear the brace for more 2 weeks. 2 weeks later it was still a mess. I saw, ready..., an ORTHOPEDIST.  Another Xray was done to, Sonogram and STILL no idea. HE asked ME, condescendingly, what I thought it was, based on my knowledge. I told him I tore the ligaments. He said nothing to me and sent me for an MRI, that took place week 4. BUT he did tell me I needed to get "molded for a fitted brace". It was $500 and my insurance didn't cover it. I said I'd wear my little Duane Reade brace, that I took off and worked on my thumb any chance I got anyway.

At the MRI the techs asked what I did for a living, I told them, "I am an athletic Functional Movement Expert, I correct injuries and specialize in runners. One said "OH.. so you're a step above PT," I said, "THAAAAAANK YOU!"

At this point I paid another copay of $50, and was told I had to be read the results by a doctor. I told them I read MRI's and X-Ray reports all the time..and I don't need to be read to. Also, told them that I have now had 3 appointments and still no idea what the injury is or plan to fix it. To the doctor and staff I said, "My hands are my livelihood! Waiting 3 weeks to have any idea what's wrong is unacceptable! In my business I tell the person what is wrong, plan to fix it and how I will fix it,  before they pay me a dime. Maybe should charge like you?!" He just looked at me. don't need to be read to. Needless to say I didn't get the results.

The following week was week 5, no call and no results. I called and was told I needed to come BACK in to be read the results. so ANOTHER co-pay would be charged as well to be read 2 lines. SO one of my runner's (runners are no joke FYI) called and said that was unacceptable and that they needed to release them. They said I had to back to the MRI place, NOT them. I was told I would be charged so I didn't do that.

Week 8 FINALLY!!  I go back to the doctor, pay another $50, and now I am up to $200 at this point, all before I have any results on my thumb. The doctor comes in and says.. "You tore all the ligaments in my thumb, they healed 2x thicker than PRE injury, plus now there's scar tissue around the joint, AND fluid in the joint.  We have to break up that scar tissue to get the fluid out. So I can give you a shot to push the breaking it up along, but take this to your therapist." He added, And, " think the brace made it worse." "SAY AGAIN??!!," I yelled!  "I am the therapist. No need for that paper."

1- I called the injury 2 months before 2 doctors did. Elated I called it to his face before the MRI. 2-THIS is why i have the issues I have with GP/Orthopedists. I cure people all day long, preach that braces (tape, ace bandages, shots, etc..) are of the worst thing you can use, and this one ADMITS it. Yet, he wanted me in a MOLDED one that I would have lost all range of movement. when my hands are my livelihood. Thanks to myself for knowing better intuitively and not laying down to wait on a doctor while I got worse, and worked on my thumb ever day the whole time.

I have insurance, AND just today, I got a bill for $729 for his consult. WHEN I AM FIXING IT MYSELF! That fee is more than a month of my #RUNPAINFREE program that actually works! HYSTERICAL.  PLEASE SEE ME IF YOU ARE IN PAIN GUYS.. THIS IS HOGWASH!