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The #RunPainFree Runners Nutrition Program (Virtual)

The #RUNPAINFREE Runner Nutrition Program!

Welcome! By popular demand, we are eager to announce, The #RUNPAINFREE Runner Nutrition Program! We are answering hundreds of request with this idea, to see how the program does, so YOU are going to be apart of the pilot!

How does it work?

This is a 60 day runners nutrition challenge! Meal plan and Running program for 2 months. Every day you will be accountable and have to do something, that is accounted for. The only way to truly understand how your body operates, is consistency every day, and logging it. However, we have created a program that is INTERACTIVE! One day is planned for your eating, and every other day you log on your own. So the adjustments get imprinted by daily adjustments and consistency. As we go through that, we will start running progressions that will align with your eating. You will be learning how to eat, how to eat as a runner and how to progress your athletic conditioning for running at the same time.

Video library. You will be getting videos that coincide with the eating plan and the motivational flux of self-care in staying dedicated to YOURSELF! Together we will coach you through it, and you still have access to the coach that signed you up on this program… and they have access to Jessica.

Running Program. YUP! You are getting a running program. NOW, the #RunPainFree company is person specific focus, meaning everyone is different and there is no generalization in terms of programming. This is why Jessica does not give out meal plans,…one shoe doesn’t fit all. However, this plan allows Jessica to teach the logging system, through the planned meal days, AND days you do it on your own! And it is because of this interactive system, the participant does’t feel alone, but isn’t just being told what to do either. We found a way to both teach and guide with an accounting system.

…side bar: she did what??

Coach Jessica, Shaun T, Coach Bingham on the set for “Insanity the Asylum” changing programing on the fly.

Coach Jessica, Shaun T, Coach Bingham on the set for “Insanity the Asylum” changing programing on the fly.

Insanity the Asylum Last Rehearsal

Insanity the Asylum Last Rehearsal

On Set “Insanity the Asylum”

On Set “Insanity the Asylum”

Insanity Infomercial set

Insanity Infomercial set

Coach Jessica at the auditions for the Insanity the Asylum and Hip Hop Abs Test group.

Coach Jessica at the auditions for the Insanity the Asylum and Hip Hop Abs Test group.

Eating Plan. Jessica has used this system for over 20 years. Helping hundreds of people over the years, including Beachbody. Jessica helped create Insanity the Asylum in 2009-2010, as Fitness Expert/dir. of programming (program creation - shooting) with Shaun T. She later worked on several Beachbody informercials as the Fitness Expert on set for Insanity and Brazil Butt Lift. In 2011 Jessica worked on revamping the masters series of Brazil Butt Lift, and was later the Test Group Manager (trained, nutrition coached and managed) for 2 Brazil Butt Lifts, Insanity the Asylum and Hip Hop Abs. Using her eating system, she was able to test her own methods (after a decade plus of using it with her clients), in a controlled setting of 200 people. The Participants got 100% results across the board! From several hundreds pounds lost, to people with “health issues” that were told they would never lose weight.. lost weight! Lives changed, lifestyles as a whole, changed! This system has data, and proof that Jessica’s eating plan works, no matter what you have going on.. It is based on text books and real life, making sense; the biological needs of the body and activity, combined with how the human body’s processing system works, mechanically. If the processing is messed up, your body wont use fuel the proper way. Just like with injuries. Injuries occur from dysfunction in biomechanics, if your body cannot move correctly or well, you must expect an injury when you require movement from the body in dysfunction. Weight, can be seen the same way. If your insides are not processing food for fuel, absorbing nutrients, then you will struggle with weight loss/gain and muscle loss/gain. But once we get your insides processing right, then the body changes. Literally.

Asylum Participant, Terrell (turned Jessica’s mentee) on Day 1!

Asylum Participant, Terrell (turned Jessica’s mentee) on Day 1!

Training Brazil Butt Lift Test Group

Training Brazil Butt Lift Test Group

Coach Jessica and Leandro

Coach Jessica and Leandro

ANYWAY…. The results of those test groups are the results you see on those respective infomercials. Jessica continues to find solace in science and her case studies. When you give the body what it actually needs, it’s amazing what can happen, and how good you will start to feel is your body thank you for giving it what it needs to function, for you.

Brazil Butt Lift Filming set

Brazil Butt Lift Filming set

Hip Hop Abs Test Group

Hip Hop Abs Test Group

#RunPainFree Hill Training Event August 2018, Central Park NYC

#RunPainFree Hill Training Event August 2018, Central Park NYC

App: Basecamp is the app for the #RunPainFree program, and where this eating and running plan will be. In there you will all be on the same project. In the portal, the “schedule” will be where all the participants post accountability just as you would on social!


Here is what you are getting:

60 Day Interactive Meal Plan (you are being taught, not told) thais developed from basic nutrition, digestive nutrition and exercise science nutrition combined.

60 Days of videos to coach along the process

2 month Running Program for progression in distance and endurance (this is a Runner Nutrition program)

Grocery list, Beginner Recipes, Log Template

You are getting the same eating system seen on (brazil butt lift, hip hop abs and asylum infomercials) 

You will learn how to eat to lose weight (how your body fuels)

You will learn how to eat as a runner / athlete - Exercise science nutrition (eating for activity)

You will progress your running and eating simultaneously

Accountability is required for your results

Basecamp app access 

The NYC fitness expert that co-created bb program and was the BB FTEST GROUP Mgr, is your head coach

24/7 access to the Lead Coach that signed you up for this plan


A 60 day meal plan and 2 month running plan would cost upwards of $5300. But for this special virtual program, the only cost to you is the cost of Shakeology at minimum, for the duration of the 60 days.

1- Purchase Shakeology under one the coaches (from different teams) on this team (you can get 2 months of upfront, so the 60 days is covered. OR, you can get it on auto-ship and get free shipping). SHAKEOLOGY

**If you are Beachbody coach, or have a Beachbody coach that that you get Shakeology from, you will need to purchase Shakeology, at minimum for the duration of this program (60 days/2 months = 2 bags/boxes) from one of the leading coaches in this program (Jessica, Daniyel, Yanelba or Kimberly). To receive this programs extensive expertise and coaching, the cost is the Shakeology for all.

2- Get ready to learn how to eat for your run and /or weight loss!

3- Get Basecamp app JOIN text (message your coach to be sure you receive this). Be sure to SUBSCRIBE to the SCHEDULE in the app, so you get Jessica’s notices, and your fellow teammates as well!

4- You are an athlete, so you will learn how to athletically progress in your running conditioning. The running program will be it the SCHEDULE (calendar) to follow and log.

5- YES! You are getting coached by the NYC BB test group manager and fitness expert, shares her plan, knowledge, and coaches with you! Check her out if you want here!


What do i have to do get all these awesome opportunity AND my results? RECAP!

  • You purchase 2 months (60 days) of Shakeology

  • Participants must all be on the Basecamp App where we are monitoring the program

  • Participants log their runs for accountability on the schedule using their Initials, mileage, and how they felt.

  • Strava screenshots allowed

  • Insanity the Asylum and Brazil Butt Lift are the 2 acceptable programs in addition to the running

  • Learn how to eat for your body and runs, balanced for weight loss or muscle gain goals

  • Must complete 60 days logged to be a graduate of the program

Dismissal: If the runner misses logging or running accountability 3 times, that is cause for dismissal of the program to be discussed. We hold very high value on our knowledge and the integrity of our programs at #RunPainFree and take results very serious. We are delivering a high priced product for a fraction, of a fraction, of the cost and require you to be accountable for your results in return.

#RunPainFree : Over $700 to a Dr. and I'm fixing myself...

MY #Runpainfree runners will relate to this post:

When a person comes for a consult, which is FREE, you get assessed, told what your pain is from and how I will fix it. Before you are event a client. 

Lets keep that in mind reading this. OH and my program ACTUALLY fixes people.

As you may know, I was hit by a truck and have injuries head to toe, so I know pain, and i know the medical system that doesn't help. BUT this is my recent encounter with a doctors. 

The last week in Sep. I tore all the ligaments in my left thumb. With my runners relying on me for the #nycmarathon, stopping was of no option. I wore a Duane Reade Thumb stabilizer brace so I can stop my thumb from moving when I used my hand to work on my clients. 1 week in, I saw urgent care for $150. After the Xray showed no break, I was told to wear the brace for more 2 weeks. 2 weeks later it was still a mess. I saw, ready..., an ORTHOPEDIST.  Another Xray was done to, Sonogram and STILL no idea. HE asked ME, condescendingly, what I thought it was, based on my knowledge. I told him I tore the ligaments. He said nothing to me and sent me for an MRI, that took place week 4. BUT he did tell me I needed to get "molded for a fitted brace". It was $500 and my insurance didn't cover it. I said I'd wear my little Duane Reade brace, that I took off and worked on my thumb any chance I got anyway.

At the MRI the techs asked what I did for a living, I told them, "I am an athletic Functional Movement Expert, I correct injuries and specialize in runners. One said "OH.. so you're a step above PT," I said, "THAAAAAANK YOU!"

At this point I paid another copay of $50, and was told I had to be read the results by a doctor. I told them I read MRI's and X-Ray reports all the time..and I don't need to be read to. Also, told them that I have now had 3 appointments and still no idea what the injury is or plan to fix it. To the doctor and staff I said, "My hands are my livelihood! Waiting 3 weeks to have any idea what's wrong is unacceptable! In my business I tell the person what is wrong, plan to fix it and how I will fix it,  before they pay me a dime. Maybe should charge like you?!" He just looked at me. don't need to be read to. Needless to say I didn't get the results.

The following week was week 5, no call and no results. I called and was told I needed to come BACK in to be read the results. so ANOTHER co-pay would be charged as well to be read 2 lines. SO one of my runner's (runners are no joke FYI) called and said that was unacceptable and that they needed to release them. They said I had to back to the MRI place, NOT them. I was told I would be charged so I didn't do that.

Week 8 FINALLY!!  I go back to the doctor, pay another $50, and now I am up to $200 at this point, all before I have any results on my thumb. The doctor comes in and says.. "You tore all the ligaments in my thumb, they healed 2x thicker than PRE injury, plus now there's scar tissue around the joint, AND fluid in the joint.  We have to break up that scar tissue to get the fluid out. So I can give you a shot to push the breaking it up along, but take this to your therapist." He added, And, " think the brace made it worse." "SAY AGAIN??!!," I yelled!  "I am the therapist. No need for that paper."

1- I called the injury 2 months before 2 doctors did. Elated I called it to his face before the MRI. 2-THIS is why i have the issues I have with GP/Orthopedists. I cure people all day long, preach that braces (tape, ace bandages, shots, etc..) are of the worst thing you can use, and this one ADMITS it. Yet, he wanted me in a MOLDED one that I would have lost all range of movement. when my hands are my livelihood. Thanks to myself for knowing better intuitively and not laying down to wait on a doctor while I got worse, and worked on my thumb ever day the whole time.

I have insurance, AND just today, I got a bill for $729 for his consult. WHEN I AM FIXING IT MYSELF! That fee is more than a month of my #RUNPAINFREE program that actually works! HYSTERICAL.  PLEASE SEE ME IF YOU ARE IN PAIN GUYS.. THIS IS HOGWASH!