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The problem in saying “easier said than done”, is that you're saying in the first place. In doing so you are allowing yourself to not succeed. You are being your own roadblock, and that is the only reason you won’t go for it.

The first 10 mins. of a run is down right hard. But once you get passed that first few minutes, your mind finally shuts up and your body is moving! The struggle is no longer something that holds you from the run, its actually what feeds you once you are in motion. It’s getting to that point that’s hard, not the actually activity. Mind over matter. If everyone would understand that, and trust it we would be a much healthier society.

Shutting up your brain is the hardest part to the beginning of any workout. Your mind will tell you a million reasons not to workout. Why you shouldn’t run, excuses that in reality have no bearing on what the run is about. Let your mind talk while you get on those new Nike running pants you bought. And those amazing Nike Free kicks that feel like clouds. Because once you step on to the pavement or treadmill (whichever your choose) your mind will taper off. And 10 minutes into the run, its completely quiet. The run takes over your body. Clears your mind. All the sudden you feel your heart working for you. Hear the rhythm of your breath and your feet together rooting for you to keep pace. And it’s in that moment, you realize all the reasons why you should be doing this run every single day. The first 10 minuets suck wind, but that last 10 minutes are invigorating.

Run. GO! Your mind needs the break.

New York City Runner Review of #RunPainFree by Telisa Walter

#RunPainFree Client Highlight: Telisa Walter and her many running accomplishments!

#RunPainFree Client Highlight: Telisa Walter and her many running accomplishments!


Telisa: My only goal was to fix the nagging IT pain that just would not go away despite everything I tried.


Telisa: I went to Jessica after a PT (physical therapy) failed to help me run without pain. After 13 marathons, I was convinced I was done with long runs due to the pain.

#RunPainFree Expert: Telisa had knee pain caused by the IT (ileotibial) Band, which was restricting her hip from properly functioning. It also prevented her from having proper ankle flexion.  


Telisa: She (Jessica) helped not only the IT pain get better but has worked on every single muscle that the injured IT band affected (spoiler alert- it was all of them).

#RunPainFree Expert: We addressed the movement pattern of her IT Band. It dictates the entire chain of movement, particularly with runners. This brought about other imbalances, dysfunction and weaknesses (often due to other muscle groups having to compensate) that needed to be corrected, in order to allow us to correct the root cause of her knee pain.


Telisa: Not only am I running without pain now, but because my muscles are working properly, I'm even faster, without extra effort simply due to running more efficiently.  Jessica (#RunPainFree) is great and never once told me not to run.

#RunPainFree Expert: We also uncovered a bit of dysfunction in her T (thoracic) spine, often caused by carrying heavy shoulder sling bags, which is a big culprit for back pain in the shoulder blade region. Because we had to correct the whole movement pattern, we also address any imbalances in the thoracic shoulder girdle region. This allows her to truly mobilize her t-spine rotation, torque, and trunk stability while running.

Conclusion: Telisa has opened up her run and has solid legs, all because she was consistent both in sessions and with following the at-home program she was given. Her pains are gone and she's using LESS effort and running faster. That's what #runpainfree is about, and she now rather than thinking long runs are in her past, Telisa has NEW goals for some negative splits and PR's!!  

COACH Jessica is PROUD! #RunPainFree OUT!

Can I Get Rid of My Running Pain a Few Weeks Before my Marathon?

Can I Get Rid of My Running Pain a Few Weeks Before my Marathon?


It's never too late. Reducing the pain that you're in will be a great relief. Anyone who's ever had to manage or live with pain knows that taking a level 9 pain or discomfort to a level 3, makes all the difference before a big race.