New York City Half Marathon

New York City Runner Review and Testimonial by Marilyn Rosario

What are your running goals?

Marilyn: My goals were to become a better runner by incorporating more strength training exercises to my routine.

#RunPainFree Expert: Marilyn is an OT (Occupational Therapist), in her value of the function of the body, she came to us for prevention! She was ahead of the game, to ensure she could run with no problems.. and attain her goal of the NYC Marathon 2016. 

Why did you seek out #RunPainFree?

Marilyn: I knew that scoliosis was having an impact on my running and I wanted to see what #RunpainFree could do to help me. It was a year ago around this time that I had my first consult with Jessica.

#RunPainFree Expert: As an FMS expert, the job is find what is causing discomfort, or pain. In this case it was the imbalance in muscle development, due to the scoliosis and how her bones formed and grew. Can we change bones? No. But, we can retrain the muscles to reach and stay at their potential, in a way that prevents further dysfunction to the hips, which then dictates the knees and ankle joints. It was imperative we began immediately to address this. 

What was it that made you choose #RunPainFree over other options?

Marilyn: I started to read about Jessica to see the types of runners/clients she worked with. She has several clients like me who have scoliosis.

#RunPainFree Expert: We all have a slight case of scoliosis, so it's super common for #RunPainFree. Ranging in clients from 12 years old to 76 year old seniors I have corrected every single person that's come to me for the fall out of having scoliosis. I was confident in getting Marilyn on a stronger path. 

Did you see any other specialists before seeing a #RunPainFree Expert?

Marilyn: I went to a chiropractor to see if he can help me at first and just had me do an x-ray, a slight adjustment and threw some exercises for me to do without showing me how to do it. So I decided to call Jessica and had my consult and the rest has been history.

#RunPainFree Expert: I come from a Movement prospective. Orthopedic Surgeons cut, Chiropractors adjust, and Physical Therapy manipulate to get you mobile, #RunPainFree retrains your entire body how to function, and by default, we correct the pain you feel by correcting the entire movement pattern that resulted in the pain you feel. That's the huge difference between us. If you get an adjustment, but lack muscles that know how to fire, or have the wrong muscles firing, to keep that adjustment, the body slips out a few days later, you may spasm, and you're back at the chiro's door. Each profession is amazing! But, each profession has limits, and when it comes to movement...that is #RunPainFree, not those listed above. Furthermore in working with athletes, and until they are corrected, all their movement compounds their imbalances. So I must work fast, especially runners in marathon training mode. I have to keep up with them so their progressions happens, and allows me to progress them into the phases of correction. With Marilyn, we were able to jump right into her training. I have yet to tell a runner to stop running. I correct IN movement, so I need you moving to see whats going on and follow what the body reveals.

What was the difference between seeing your chiropractor, and seeing #RunPainFree?

Marilyn: She never told me that I could never run again. She helps manage my scoliosis by helping my underdeveloped muscles get developed and getting my body stronger.

#RunPainFree Expert: Immediately we addressed her T-Spine imbalance both muscularly and joint function, as well as shoulder girdle and Lats. The more we addressed her foundation, releasing the fascia of the IT band, which comes up from her knee, along the outer thigh, covering 80% of her glute, then following up across from her hip, low back, T-Spine and attaching at the opposite shoulder. AKA, IT band; (YES, it covers all of that and therefore dictates the entire movement pattern of a run) Essential to any runner, but specifically to Scoliosis, because there is bone restriction that is not moveable, where as facia creates restriction itself it adds to this overall restriction that trickles downs the body, resulting in pain and/or injuries. 

What have you been able to do since you decided to become a #RunPainFree client?

Marilyn: Last year was my first marathon and I wanted to be ready and to last the whole 26.2 miles pain-free! I signed on with #RunPainFree and have seen Jessica once a week to complete my exercise routine.

#RunPainFree Expert: GOAL! She completed the race and officially became a #RunPainFree NYC Marathon Finisher! She is currently in her loaded phase and solidifying her correction, running like a Gazelle, stronger everyday. She start's as a Pacer for the Galloway Running Group this 2017 Marathon training season, as she heads for Chicago Marathon 2017!

Overall, what has your experience with Jessica and #RunPainFree been?

Marilyn: Each and every session I was getting stronger and I started to get faster and more efficient in my runs and finally started to PR my races!!

They have helped me so much and I am so grateful for her. I look forward to continuing to working with her so I can continue to achieve my goals.

#RunPainFree Expert: Marilyn is the epitome of what #RunPainFree can do for those that do not have any injuries and want to keep it that way! Prevention is always the best correction. Coach Proud of how far she's come, and where I can see her going.. I will be right there making sure she accomplishes all her goals!

#RunPainFree Review & Testimonial in New York City by Lisa Barzotto

Lisa from pptc nycrunner group

I’ve been meaning to thank Jessica #runpainfree officially on here for quite some time! I contacted Jessica about two weeks before my fall marathon (Detroit Free Press Marathon) as I’d heard about how much she has helped many of my fellow track club friends and teammates. I’d been battling nagging ITBS on my left side, and was becoming increasingly worried about it healing in time for the race.

During training, I’d feel fantastic up until mile 15… and then frustrating, debilitating IT pain would set in. Every. Time. I was feeling pretty anxious about it (likely) happening during the marathon, especially having to run the last 11 miles in agony. I wanted so badly to be able to run this marathon with my sister (her first marathon) but was starting to convince myself it just wasn’t possible. On short notice, Jessica fit me into her packed schedule and spent time listening to me, assessing/observing my running, teaching me about ITBS, how to foam roll the right way, and various strengthening and corrective exercises.

She met with me a few days before the big day for one more session (and pep talk!) and checked in with me leading up to race day. I’m so grateful to report that I ran my marathon without ANY pain until mile 24…And the last 2 miles were more of a discomfort, not the debilitating IT pain I’d experienced during my training. It was a truly incredible experience to run a marathon with my sister and I felt overjoyed to be able to enjoy every moment of it without pain.

THANK YOU Jessica and #runpainfree! Your dedication and the passion you have for your work is so inspiring. I’m grateful for the help and support you gave me leading up to my maratho. Happy Running, all!!!

Written by Lisa Barzotto on Facebook.

How to Recover after Running a New York City Race or Marathon

Jessica Marie Rose Leggio from #RunPainFree goes over ways you can safely recover from running a race or Marathon. Jessica is the head trainer at where you can see what she continues to add to the running community here in New York City.

Hey everyone. Jessica Marie Rose Leggio here from #runpainfree.

A big congrats to everyone who ran the new york city half marathon today. It was freezing for us bystanders but all of you guys looked really good. I loved seeing all my heel strikers out there, getting in it! A big congrats to all my #RunPainFree runners a lot of you guys PR and I'm super proud of you.

Jessica Leggio cheering on her #RunPainFree runners on March 19, 2017 at the New York City Half Marathon

Jessica Leggio cheering on her #RunPainFree runners on March 19, 2017 at the New York City Half Marathon

Post marathon half-marathon recovery, this one specifically, I know a lot of you use it for a training run towards Brooklyn and it's falling right where your long runs will be getting starting for training for The Brooklyn Half Marathon. SoI definitely want to take into consideration you don't want to take off too much time. You definitely want to do a bit of cross training tomorrow. Make sure you are foam rolling today. A nice good foam rolling session with a nice hot bath, and then tomorrow get right into an actual workout.

The best way to recover from sore muscles is always to work out again, but even in a training mode you would want to do the opposite of what you're training for, so since you ran today, you'd want to cross train tomorrow. That will be the best thing if you have any pain.

Text me or get on to Run Pain Free Now  and send a message for me right when a pop-up  comes up, put your information and get with me as soon as possible.  You only have two months exactly till The Brooklyn Half Marathon and anybody who's running The  Boston Marathon also uses the Brooklyn Half, as a training run, because your bull marathon is next month. So again you want to get right into cross training as soon as your race or marathon is done.

I hope that answers any questions in general.

Any specifics message me on facebook. Or you can go ahead to RunPainFreeNow and message me.