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The #RunPainFree Runners Nutrition Program (Virtual)

The #RUNPAINFREE Runner Nutrition Program!

Welcome! By popular demand, we are eager to announce, The #RUNPAINFREE Runner Nutrition Program! We are answering hundreds of request with this idea, to see how the program does, so YOU are going to be apart of the pilot!

How does it work?

This is a 60 day runners nutrition challenge! Meal plan and Running program for 2 months. Every day you will be accountable and have to do something, that is accounted for. The only way to truly understand how your body operates, is consistency every day, and logging it. However, we have created a program that is INTERACTIVE! One day is planned for your eating, and every other day you log on your own. So the adjustments get imprinted by daily adjustments and consistency. As we go through that, we will start running progressions that will align with your eating. You will be learning how to eat, how to eat as a runner and how to progress your athletic conditioning for running at the same time.

Video library. You will be getting videos that coincide with the eating plan and the motivational flux of self-care in staying dedicated to YOURSELF! Together we will coach you through it, and you still have access to the coach that signed you up on this program… and they have access to Jessica.

Running Program. YUP! You are getting a running program. NOW, the #RunPainFree company is person specific focus, meaning everyone is different and there is no generalization in terms of programming. This is why Jessica does not give out meal plans,…one shoe doesn’t fit all. However, this plan allows Jessica to teach the logging system, through the planned meal days, AND days you do it on your own! And it is because of this interactive system, the participant does’t feel alone, but isn’t just being told what to do either. We found a way to both teach and guide with an accounting system.

…side bar: she did what??

Coach Jessica, Shaun T, Coach Bingham on the set for “Insanity the Asylum” changing programing on the fly.

Coach Jessica, Shaun T, Coach Bingham on the set for “Insanity the Asylum” changing programing on the fly.

Insanity the Asylum Last Rehearsal

Insanity the Asylum Last Rehearsal

On Set “Insanity the Asylum”

On Set “Insanity the Asylum”

Insanity Infomercial set

Insanity Infomercial set

Coach Jessica at the auditions for the Insanity the Asylum and Hip Hop Abs Test group.

Coach Jessica at the auditions for the Insanity the Asylum and Hip Hop Abs Test group.

Eating Plan. Jessica has used this system for over 20 years. Helping hundreds of people over the years, including Beachbody. Jessica helped create Insanity the Asylum in 2009-2010, as Fitness Expert/dir. of programming (program creation - shooting) with Shaun T. She later worked on several Beachbody informercials as the Fitness Expert on set for Insanity and Brazil Butt Lift. In 2011 Jessica worked on revamping the masters series of Brazil Butt Lift, and was later the Test Group Manager (trained, nutrition coached and managed) for 2 Brazil Butt Lifts, Insanity the Asylum and Hip Hop Abs. Using her eating system, she was able to test her own methods (after a decade plus of using it with her clients), in a controlled setting of 200 people. The Participants got 100% results across the board! From several hundreds pounds lost, to people with “health issues” that were told they would never lose weight.. lost weight! Lives changed, lifestyles as a whole, changed! This system has data, and proof that Jessica’s eating plan works, no matter what you have going on.. It is based on text books and real life, making sense; the biological needs of the body and activity, combined with how the human body’s processing system works, mechanically. If the processing is messed up, your body wont use fuel the proper way. Just like with injuries. Injuries occur from dysfunction in biomechanics, if your body cannot move correctly or well, you must expect an injury when you require movement from the body in dysfunction. Weight, can be seen the same way. If your insides are not processing food for fuel, absorbing nutrients, then you will struggle with weight loss/gain and muscle loss/gain. But once we get your insides processing right, then the body changes. Literally.

Asylum Participant, Terrell (turned Jessica’s mentee) on Day 1!

Asylum Participant, Terrell (turned Jessica’s mentee) on Day 1!

Training Brazil Butt Lift Test Group

Training Brazil Butt Lift Test Group

Coach Jessica and Leandro

Coach Jessica and Leandro

ANYWAY…. The results of those test groups are the results you see on those respective infomercials. Jessica continues to find solace in science and her case studies. When you give the body what it actually needs, it’s amazing what can happen, and how good you will start to feel is your body thank you for giving it what it needs to function, for you.

Brazil Butt Lift Filming set

Brazil Butt Lift Filming set

Hip Hop Abs Test Group

Hip Hop Abs Test Group

#RunPainFree Hill Training Event August 2018, Central Park NYC

#RunPainFree Hill Training Event August 2018, Central Park NYC

App: Basecamp is the app for the #RunPainFree program, and where this eating and running plan will be. In there you will all be on the same project. In the portal, the “schedule” will be where all the participants post accountability just as you would on social!


Here is what you are getting:

60 Day Interactive Meal Plan (you are being taught, not told) thais developed from basic nutrition, digestive nutrition and exercise science nutrition combined.

60 Days of videos to coach along the process

2 month Running Program for progression in distance and endurance (this is a Runner Nutrition program)

Grocery list, Beginner Recipes, Log Template

You are getting the same eating system seen on (brazil butt lift, hip hop abs and asylum infomercials) 

You will learn how to eat to lose weight (how your body fuels)

You will learn how to eat as a runner / athlete - Exercise science nutrition (eating for activity)

You will progress your running and eating simultaneously

Accountability is required for your results

Basecamp app access 

The NYC fitness expert that co-created bb program and was the BB FTEST GROUP Mgr, is your head coach

24/7 access to the Lead Coach that signed you up for this plan


A 60 day meal plan and 2 month running plan would cost upwards of $5300. But for this special virtual program, the only cost to you is the cost of Shakeology at minimum, for the duration of the 60 days.

1- Purchase Shakeology under one the coaches (from different teams) on this team (you can get 2 months of upfront, so the 60 days is covered. OR, you can get it on auto-ship and get free shipping). SHAKEOLOGY

**If you are Beachbody coach, or have a Beachbody coach that that you get Shakeology from, you will need to purchase Shakeology, at minimum for the duration of this program (60 days/2 months = 2 bags/boxes) from one of the leading coaches in this program (Jessica, Daniyel, Yanelba or Kimberly). To receive this programs extensive expertise and coaching, the cost is the Shakeology for all.

2- Get ready to learn how to eat for your run and /or weight loss!

3- Get Basecamp app JOIN text (message your coach to be sure you receive this). Be sure to SUBSCRIBE to the SCHEDULE in the app, so you get Jessica’s notices, and your fellow teammates as well!

4- You are an athlete, so you will learn how to athletically progress in your running conditioning. The running program will be it the SCHEDULE (calendar) to follow and log.

5- YES! You are getting coached by the NYC BB test group manager and fitness expert, shares her plan, knowledge, and coaches with you! Check her out if you want here!


What do i have to do get all these awesome opportunity AND my results? RECAP!

  • You purchase 2 months (60 days) of Shakeology

  • Participants must all be on the Basecamp App where we are monitoring the program

  • Participants log their runs for accountability on the schedule using their Initials, mileage, and how they felt.

  • Strava screenshots allowed

  • Insanity the Asylum and Brazil Butt Lift are the 2 acceptable programs in addition to the running

  • Learn how to eat for your body and runs, balanced for weight loss or muscle gain goals

  • Must complete 60 days logged to be a graduate of the program

Dismissal: If the runner misses logging or running accountability 3 times, that is cause for dismissal of the program to be discussed. We hold very high value on our knowledge and the integrity of our programs at #RunPainFree and take results very serious. We are delivering a high priced product for a fraction, of a fraction, of the cost and require you to be accountable for your results in return.

Running Form: Don't Believe Hype.

This is Sheldon, he was the most injured last (2016) marathon season, showing over 10 injuries as we went through the correction process, that he obtained running the way TOO many runners, not experts in movement, suggest. Which is the why so many get injured listening to it. He is completely corrected and now my fastest male runner. Because of that stride, he now has the function to utilize his entire movement pattern of a run, to actually run. That said, I can actually explain why you are 100% dysfunctional, with a smile of course ;),  and that's why you're so injured for so long.

Breaking down the mechanics of a run. 

Breaking down the mechanics of a run. 

Breaking down the mechanics of a run. 

Breaking down the mechanics of a run. 

When you don't have any hip rotation, which requires full extension and flexion, you create dysfunction in restriction of your own joints. I call this "under running" meaning, anything LESS than YOUR full range of motion, which will cause injury.. This happens, be it you are running wrong, or your mechanics are actually restricting your ability to run, both resulting in your body not functionally moving as a unit, making the joints and muscles to work against one another which leads to the greater imbalance (how the severity of the injury is determined), muscles and joints start OVER working improperly, resulting in injuries. You need BASIC HUMAN BIO-MECHANICS before any sport. Or, I don't care how good you are, you will never reach your potential, and you will stay with injuries. The mechanics MUST be present first IN ORDER to train the athlete.

So, for instance, a runner that does not have knee flexion at all (doesn't bend), is running as if they are running on stilts, jamming their hip, knee, ankle and back with every step. If you are not flexing your ankle, you are not flexing your hip. The dysfunctional movement, compounds injuries and makes the dysfunction STRONGER with every workout (speed workout is a strength workout FYI), until you correct the pattern. 

So, you have no chance at running totally pain free or to your potential, or any PR for that matter, without fixing base line mechanics.

Breakdown: Hip function, to ankle flexion, to full foot movement to completely ROLL THROUGH your foot (ESSENTIAL FOR RUNNERS), then engages the glute, which extends the hip to then fire the hip to flex (you do not get full flexion with out full extension first), the ankle extends and push off occurs, then the knee can extend .. that is gazelle movement, the full function of the entire lower body, dictated by the glutes support of the upper body and with no tissue/fascia restriction across the T-spine preventing twisting or torque. The IT Band covers the entire movement pattern, covering all major joints and muscles required to allow a run movement. If that is restricting anything, nothing will work. Its a process to getting your body functional IN ORDER To perform. And that is all #RunPainFree is about, preparing the body to perform. 

CLICK THE PHOTO BELOW FOR A SLIDE SHOW OF FUNCTIONAL STRIDES, Performed by Lead Female #RunPainFree Runner Jazz, and lead Male #RunPainFree #Runner Sheldon. 





New York City Runner Review and Testimonial by Marilyn Rosario

What are your running goals?

Marilyn: My goals were to become a better runner by incorporating more strength training exercises to my routine.

#RunPainFree Expert: Marilyn is an OT (Occupational Therapist), in her value of the function of the body, she came to us for prevention! She was ahead of the game, to ensure she could run with no problems.. and attain her goal of the NYC Marathon 2016. 

Why did you seek out #RunPainFree?

Marilyn: I knew that scoliosis was having an impact on my running and I wanted to see what #RunpainFree could do to help me. It was a year ago around this time that I had my first consult with Jessica.

#RunPainFree Expert: As an FMS expert, the job is find what is causing discomfort, or pain. In this case it was the imbalance in muscle development, due to the scoliosis and how her bones formed and grew. Can we change bones? No. But, we can retrain the muscles to reach and stay at their potential, in a way that prevents further dysfunction to the hips, which then dictates the knees and ankle joints. It was imperative we began immediately to address this. 

What was it that made you choose #RunPainFree over other options?

Marilyn: I started to read about Jessica to see the types of runners/clients she worked with. She has several clients like me who have scoliosis.

#RunPainFree Expert: We all have a slight case of scoliosis, so it's super common for #RunPainFree. Ranging in clients from 12 years old to 76 year old seniors I have corrected every single person that's come to me for the fall out of having scoliosis. I was confident in getting Marilyn on a stronger path. 

Did you see any other specialists before seeing a #RunPainFree Expert?

Marilyn: I went to a chiropractor to see if he can help me at first and just had me do an x-ray, a slight adjustment and threw some exercises for me to do without showing me how to do it. So I decided to call Jessica and had my consult and the rest has been history.

#RunPainFree Expert: I come from a Movement prospective. Orthopedic Surgeons cut, Chiropractors adjust, and Physical Therapy manipulate to get you mobile, #RunPainFree retrains your entire body how to function, and by default, we correct the pain you feel by correcting the entire movement pattern that resulted in the pain you feel. That's the huge difference between us. If you get an adjustment, but lack muscles that know how to fire, or have the wrong muscles firing, to keep that adjustment, the body slips out a few days later, you may spasm, and you're back at the chiro's door. Each profession is amazing! But, each profession has limits, and when it comes to movement...that is #RunPainFree, not those listed above. Furthermore in working with athletes, and until they are corrected, all their movement compounds their imbalances. So I must work fast, especially runners in marathon training mode. I have to keep up with them so their progressions happens, and allows me to progress them into the phases of correction. With Marilyn, we were able to jump right into her training. I have yet to tell a runner to stop running. I correct IN movement, so I need you moving to see whats going on and follow what the body reveals.

What was the difference between seeing your chiropractor, and seeing #RunPainFree?

Marilyn: She never told me that I could never run again. She helps manage my scoliosis by helping my underdeveloped muscles get developed and getting my body stronger.

#RunPainFree Expert: Immediately we addressed her T-Spine imbalance both muscularly and joint function, as well as shoulder girdle and Lats. The more we addressed her foundation, releasing the fascia of the IT band, which comes up from her knee, along the outer thigh, covering 80% of her glute, then following up across from her hip, low back, T-Spine and attaching at the opposite shoulder. AKA, IT band; (YES, it covers all of that and therefore dictates the entire movement pattern of a run) Essential to any runner, but specifically to Scoliosis, because there is bone restriction that is not moveable, where as facia creates restriction itself it adds to this overall restriction that trickles downs the body, resulting in pain and/or injuries. 

What have you been able to do since you decided to become a #RunPainFree client?

Marilyn: Last year was my first marathon and I wanted to be ready and to last the whole 26.2 miles pain-free! I signed on with #RunPainFree and have seen Jessica once a week to complete my exercise routine.

#RunPainFree Expert: GOAL! She completed the race and officially became a #RunPainFree NYC Marathon Finisher! She is currently in her loaded phase and solidifying her correction, running like a Gazelle, stronger everyday. She start's as a Pacer for the Galloway Running Group this 2017 Marathon training season, as she heads for Chicago Marathon 2017!

Overall, what has your experience with Jessica and #RunPainFree been?

Marilyn: Each and every session I was getting stronger and I started to get faster and more efficient in my runs and finally started to PR my races!!

They have helped me so much and I am so grateful for her. I look forward to continuing to working with her so I can continue to achieve my goals.

#RunPainFree Expert: Marilyn is the epitome of what #RunPainFree can do for those that do not have any injuries and want to keep it that way! Prevention is always the best correction. Coach Proud of how far she's come, and where I can see her going.. I will be right there making sure she accomplishes all her goals!

New York City Runner Review of #RunPainFree by Telisa Walter

#RunPainFree Client Highlight: Telisa Walter and her many running accomplishments!

#RunPainFree Client Highlight: Telisa Walter and her many running accomplishments!


Telisa: My only goal was to fix the nagging IT pain that just would not go away despite everything I tried.


Telisa: I went to Jessica after a PT (physical therapy) failed to help me run without pain. After 13 marathons, I was convinced I was done with long runs due to the pain.

#RunPainFree Expert: Telisa had knee pain caused by the IT (ileotibial) Band, which was restricting her hip from properly functioning. It also prevented her from having proper ankle flexion.  


Telisa: She (Jessica) helped not only the IT pain get better but has worked on every single muscle that the injured IT band affected (spoiler alert- it was all of them).

#RunPainFree Expert: We addressed the movement pattern of her IT Band. It dictates the entire chain of movement, particularly with runners. This brought about other imbalances, dysfunction and weaknesses (often due to other muscle groups having to compensate) that needed to be corrected, in order to allow us to correct the root cause of her knee pain.


Telisa: Not only am I running without pain now, but because my muscles are working properly, I'm even faster, without extra effort simply due to running more efficiently.  Jessica (#RunPainFree) is great and never once told me not to run.

#RunPainFree Expert: We also uncovered a bit of dysfunction in her T (thoracic) spine, often caused by carrying heavy shoulder sling bags, which is a big culprit for back pain in the shoulder blade region. Because we had to correct the whole movement pattern, we also address any imbalances in the thoracic shoulder girdle region. This allows her to truly mobilize her t-spine rotation, torque, and trunk stability while running.

Conclusion: Telisa has opened up her run and has solid legs, all because she was consistent both in sessions and with following the at-home program she was given. Her pains are gone and she's using LESS effort and running faster. That's what #runpainfree is about, and she now rather than thinking long runs are in her past, Telisa has NEW goals for some negative splits and PR's!!  

COACH Jessica is PROUD! #RunPainFree OUT!

Can I Get Rid of My Running Pain a Few Weeks Before my Marathon?

Can I Get Rid of My Running Pain a Few Weeks Before my Marathon?


It's never too late. Reducing the pain that you're in will be a great relief. Anyone who's ever had to manage or live with pain knows that taking a level 9 pain or discomfort to a level 3, makes all the difference before a big race.