How To Cure Knee PAIN? What is PAIN MANAGEMENT?

How To Cure Knee PAIN? What is

“The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will instruct his patient in the care of the human frame, in diet and in the cause and prevention of disease.”
— Thomas Edison

"So doc can you tell me how to cure knee pain?"

"Well at this point its just Pain Management. Heres the prescription for pain meds to take."

Does this sound like something you have heard after yelling “my knee hurts”?  

I am sure you have heard a doctor saying this. I have heard it from doctors for my own back pain to intestine pain. When you want to know how to cure knee pain,  you want a cure, not a pill. And unfortunately in today’s society a pill is given off as a cure. When its anything but that.

As a Fitness Professional, I see pain management as the cop out of a doctor. For me, this basically means you have no idea how to cure my knee pain, so you tell me to manage it, with a prescription.


I don’t want to take pills. My stomach doesn’t like them for starters, and that is  no way to live.

The pills these days have an outrageous amount of side effects that is actually more unhealthy to take the pill than to not. In addition, who wants to “manage” pain? I don’t know anyone that would want to deal with pain forever. I do, however know people who want to know how to cure knee pain.  And that is something we can do. Furthermore, being reliant on a pill for my daily life to function, is not a way to live.

I’d like to thank all these doctors, because their patients become my clients.  I get rid of knee pain through functionality, not a pill. My mission is to create a pain free life by showing you how to cure knee pain.

Thomas A . Edison was on to something, and if I could I would like to thank him for manifesting my career as a Functional Movement Expert and Fitness Specialist which allows me to help people live pain free everyday.